Wedding Makeup At Milky Way Farm

Wedding Makeup At Milky Way Farm

I never thought I’d get the privilege of doing wedding makeup at Milky Way Farm, even though I’ve lived most of my life a stone’s throw from the property.

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June Wedding Makeup at Milky Way Farm

Friday, June 19, 2015 was a special day for a special family.  It was wedding day for a beautiful girl and a handsome boy.


I got the privilege of applying wedding makeup for seven on the second floor of the manor house, right in front of a huge picture window.  There was a gorgeous view of the chairs below, all lined up waiting for go-time.


It was a picture-perfect setting at the beautiful Milky Way Farm. It was a gorgeous June day, and a group of very sweet, friendly girls to work on.

dream accomodations

The wedding party was allowed an entire wing of the manor house to primp, complete with at least four bathrooms and bedrooms. I got to apply makeup in a sitting room on the second floor, situated in front of a huge picture window that looks out over the expansive green lawns. I loved the huge window, with nothing but natural light, which is perfect for applying wedding makeup!

The huge window

The huge window

Since it was an outdoor wedding, I was so excited to have this space to work in.  Yes, each of these girls is wearing my makeup, but this stolen shot was already black and white.  It was the only one I could find of the huge window!  You needed to see their cute matching oxfords, anyway. Even though it’s hard to tell in this pic, there was lots of wedding makeup at Milky Way Farm that day.

wedding day makeup pictures

Two beautiful Moms, a bride, and four bridesmaids. Did I take any pictures?  Yes, two.  One of the manor house, and one of the beautiful white chairs (at the top of the post). No wedding day makeup pictures from this makeup artist! I’m such a dork.


Did I steal some pics from Facebook (with permission)?  Yes, several! Just not many actual wedding day makeup pictures. You can tell the gorgeous bride was not hard to embellish, and she would have been just as stunning without makeup, I promise.

The Bride and Groom. Makeup by Martie.

The Bride and her beautiful step Mother. Makeup by Martie.

I’ll be getting some better ones when the photographer gets them loaded up on his website. I love to buy prints of my work from the photographers who work the same weddings.  I’m just old-school enough to have a physical portfolio, as well as my online portfolio (a.k.a. “this here blog”). You can look forward to seeing those, as long as the photographer doesn’t mind me sharing the photos, with full credit given, of course. *Turns out he did mind, and there was no way I could afford prints of his pictures. Not all photographers like to collaborate, and that’s ok!

best products of the day

And since this post is about makeup, with very few actual made-up faces, I’ll share my favorite products of the day.

wedding makeup at Milky Way Farm

click pic to buy!

First of all, do NOT forget about this little guy, my eye makeup eraser pen from e.l.f! I used my eye makeup eraser pen numerous times on this wedding day!  I honestly don’t know how I got through my whole life without owning one of these.  I got mine on Amazon, but I’ll bet Target has them, too.

I’m loving my silicone-based airbrush makeup from Temptu (that’s a link to the same professional kit I have on Amazon…way more affordable than ordering from the company). Of all the professional makeup airbrush kits, Temptu is by far the best. The S/B makeup is perfect for hot, summer weddings, because it stays put!  The awesome highlighting and contouring shades I scored recently are the perfect touch, and I love that they go on before the foundation.

I stuck to my tried-and-true Naked Palette, by Urban Decay (<—click to buy). There are so many beautiful shades in this one palette that I was able to accommodate everyone from a tanned brunette, to an ivory redhead.

My Stila Stay All Day eyeliner pen (<—click to buy!) was my favorite tool of the day (besides my trusty Temptu airbrush machine).   That stuff is not coming off without makeup remover! Plus, the fine, marker tip makes it so easy to apply.

the perfect day, even with a catastrophe

The girls were all gorgeous, and I had a great time airbrushing them and hearing them talk about their friendships and adventures.  I saw lots of emotion and love,  felt emotions that I didn’t need (how do I see this pic without picturing Coach and Pooh or Tigger??),

The Bride and her Father. Makeup by Martie.

The Bride and her Father. Makeup by Martie.

panicked along with them when a huge tree crashed down in front of the manor house,



and marveled at how gorgeous it all was, in spite of natural disasters.  Seriously, getting the chance to do wedding makeup at Milky Way Farm is a dream come true. The beautiful property is just a few miles from my house, but I’ve only ever been on the property a few times. I’ve always been enamored with the old historical farm, but this wedding day took the cake!

X,O,X,O,   Martie