Three Cute Short Summer Hairstyles!

Three Cute Short Summer Hairstyles!

I’m pumped about cute short summer hairstyles, and I have three to show off today! I love talking about what’s trending, what I’ve done in the salon lately, and all things hairy. Now that it’s summer, I’m all about short hair!

Today, I’m showing off some of my own work again!  I’ve been taking great pictures, guys…and you know how hard it is for me to remember to do that!  I’ve had some awesome subjects to work on, though, so I really wanted evidence.  I just love it when the seasons change, and folks start streaming in for something new and different!  I’m sharing three cute short summer hairstyles today that I absolutely love, and loved doing!

Cute Short Summer Hairstyles

To start off, I’ll show you my very first pixie of the summer, which is one of the best cute short summer hairstyles you can get.  I just adore super short pixie hairstyles! This client wears her hair short all year, but now that the warmer weather has joined us, she needed it even shorter.  She is a dog-lover, like me, and I’ve kind of figured out over the short time I’ve know this client that she (voluntarily) walks dogs for a local groomer/boarder.  That’s a hot job!  I would imagine it to be a hot job in February!  She got her short pixie, and even got me to bust out the clippers for this ‘do!   Without further ado, here’s her cute new pixie!

cute short summer hairstyles

Hair by Martie

The second look I’m showing you today isn’t quite as short, but there are blonde highlights involved.  This client is near and dear to my heart.  Of course she is, she’s Madre!

Madre lets her hair go a little too long sometimes.  She likes to do that occasionally, because it’s the only time she can complain about her hair.  I get the feeling everyone needs to complain about their hair once in a while, and when you live on the same property as your hairstylist, you have to be careful what you say.  If her hair’s doing bad things but it’s been 8 weeks since she’s been to the salon, then she can complain without hurting my feelings, see?  Because she knows I’ll just ignore her complaints and make her a hair appointment, it gives her a little complain time.  Everyone needs that.

When Madre started complaining last week, we made an appointment for her, and, after I talked her out of a perm, we decided to brighten up her blonde highlights. It was time for some refreshing!

Isn’t this perfect for summer?  We’ve been highlighting Madre’s hair for several years now, and it had gone way too long between highlights.  Madre had toyed with growing the blonde out (for a perm), but I took care of it, folks.  No mama of mine is going to have little-old-lady hair; no matter what her age! Cute short summer hairstyles are never dated or frumpy.

challenging cut and color

This last show-off is very special to me.  First of all, I did this young lady’s first haircut, and now she’s 13!  THIRTEEN!  She’s a friend of Pooh’s, who will also soon be 13.  Yikes!  Secondly, it was my very first on the scalp bleach in my 18-year career (except once on The Squirt, but I don’t count that Sally-Beauty-Supply-at-home-kitchen-tician-bleach-job).  Thirdly, this beautiful young lady is sporting her second head of hair in her lifetime, thanks to the big, ugly “C” word.  She has been through hell, but is by far one of the happiest, sweetest little people I’ve ever met.  Last week, on her thirteenth birthday, she wanted to try a vivid haircolor,  which requires on-the-scalp bleach.  So, I stepped outside of my comfort bubble and did on-the-scalp bleach…on a minor….yeah, I was waaaaay outside my comfort bubble!

Starting with a natural level 4-5, I knew I was pulling a risky stunt with the bleach.  In fact, I don’t even like to do chemicals on children, especially bleach!  Thanks to Olaplex, a new color additive that literally prevents damage to the hair, I was not terrified to do this service.

The end results were not perfect, but her hair was in EXCELLENT condition (again, thanks to Olaplex)!  I had a number of “hindsight is 20/20” moments that night on the way home, but my client was pretty excited about her new hair.  I used Matrix V-Light bleach with 30 volume and 1/4 oz. Olaplex, processing the mid-shaft and ends for 30-40 minutes before applying to the scalp.

cute short summer hairstyles

Beginning the bleach.

I let it process for the maximum amount of time allowed (with Olaplex), and then toned it with Pravana ChromaSilk Pastels, Too Cute Coral. I’m absolutely wild about the Pravana vivids hair color line!

cute short summer hairstyles

Processing the pastel and vivid colors.

Thanks to Shuh-Wanda’s suggestion, I applied some ChromaSilk Vivid in Magenta to the tip-ends, which gave the style a little twist.

perfectly colored curls

This is the mother of all cute short summer hairstyles, and is obviously very curly. Before chemo and losing her hair, it was straight.  She is rockin’ these curls, folks!  I cut the bottom off, blended that new length in, and shortened up the bangs some.  She couldn’t get over how it actually looked longer!  I love that she’s embracing her new hair, and the gorgeous curls!

Just look at that shine!  Olaplex is everything it is claimed to be.  My client is coming back at the end of the month to try a neon color in the same line, since these pastels and vivids only last about 3-4 weeks.  I can’t wait to see what we try next, and to show it to you!  Here’s the dramatic transformation of this one in collage:

cute short summer hairstyles

Hair by Martie

That’s it for today, folks, three cute, short hairstyles for summer!  I’ll be adding these pics to my Guestbook/Hair and Makeup Gallery, so be sure to head on over there and leave a comment!  I love comments.  🙂  And while you’re in the commenting mood, leave one on this post and tell me what you’re doing to your hair this summer.  Have you already done something different?  Do you love it, or hate it?  Chime in and let me know…I”m all about giving folks their “complain-time”!

If you feel daring, ask your sylist about vivid haircolor.  It does normally require some bleaching, if you aren’t already really blonde, but the colors are so beautiful and vibrant.  I love to play with vivids, and now that we have discovered the amazing Olaplex, the possibilities are endless!

I hope you love these cute short summer hairstyles, and maybe consider trying one out for yourself! It’s fun to do something different every once in a while, and you never know if you will love short hair until you try it. I really can’t say one word…I haven’t had short hair since I was a kid. But I LOVE to do short haircuts on those who wear them well!

See you Friday!

X,O,X,O,   Martie