Shopping For Eyeliner, Nail Polish, and Sun Essentials

I love shopping for beauty products, don’t you? Today I’m shopping for eyeliner, nail polish and sun essentials, because my clients love me and treat me to nice things!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase using the links I provided. All opinions are my own. 

Beauty Shopping Online

Beauty products:  Who doesn’t have a soft spot in her wallet for them?  I know I do, and lucky for me, the change from winter to spring/summer (sometimes they run together around here) is a time for updating my stash of eyeliner, nail polishes, and some new sun-essentials!  I’ve been shopping!

Who am I kidding? I buy beauty products in the fall and winter, too!

Also, it didn’t hurt that a sweet client hooked me up with a Sephora gift card! Thanks, Beth!  You made my Hairdresser’s Appreciation Day (which I had no idea was a ‘holiday’ until I received this sweet e-gift)!

I love shopping for new makeup and beauty supplies. I’m a sucker for Ulta, Sephora, Amazon’s beauty section, and most especially State Beauty Supply (pro-only store).  I have to shop at State, because it’s where I buy the majority of my supplies for the salon, but I also enjoy shopping at State, which is unfortunate for my wallet!  These stores even smell good to me! My problem is, even my pro-only store is 30 minutes away, so more times than not, I shop online. And Amazon is just so easy, and they have everything! Who’s with me?

Of course, I won’t buy professional hair care products anywhere except for my pro-only store, because I know their products are legit, and I get a great discount….a definite perk of being a licensed cosmetologist! I recommend you purchase your professional beauty products at a licensed salon! but I also know that, realistically, if Mama can get her some Redken on Amazon, ain’t nobody stoppin’ her!

Now let’s go shopping!

shopping for eyeliner

I’ve been using the same eyeliner for a few years now, and I want to brag about it!  I know I’ve mentioned Urban Decay on the blog before, here and here.  Both times I was yapping about the Naked Pallet, when my actual favorite Urban Decay product is their 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. 

shopping for eyelinerI totally dig this stuff!  I started out with a travel-sized trio and absolutely fell in love with the way it goes on, the way it stays on, and the colors!  This eyeliner comes in 39 colors!  My favorite is Rockstar, which is a deep purple color. With my green eyes, the purple just seems to pop. The eyeliners are very pigmented, easy-to-apply pencils (almost more like a soft crayon), and the colors hold up all day. I’ve just placed an order on Sephora with my gift card, replacing my Rockstar eyeliner for the fourth time…but I refuse to throw the old stubs away, just in case!

shopping for eyeliner

While I was ordering, and since I love shopping for eyeliner, I threw this in:

shopping for eyeliner

Urban Decay Super Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner

I needed it for work (I have a wedding coming up in June with seven for makeup! WooHoo!), so it’s totally justified.  I love love love cream eyeliner, and the waterproof part, and I figured if the pencils were so great, then Urban Decay can’t have screwed this up! I’ll let you know what I think!

shopping for nail polish

Shopping for eyeliner is fun, but I’m moving on to the piggies…

Do you just love Essie nail polish? I totally do. Their colors are amazing, and it’s a great, long-lasting polish. I haven’t been disappointed with a bottle of Essie polish yet! I am loving this color right now; it’s called Penny Talk.

shopping for eyeliner

click pic to buy!

This is an awesome color I picked up on Amazon to have while Madre was ‘laid up’ in the hospital, post girlie-surgery. I thought it would lift her spirits to polish her nails while she was in the “pokey”, but we only got one thumbnail done before the Percocets kicked in (she got the full treatment after we got home).

It’s amazing that I managed to keep myself from shopping for eyeliner while I was on Amazon! I know my husband would be proud, and shocked, that I only ordered this polish (who am I kidding? I totally looked at the eyeliner).

Anywho….isn’t that an awesome color? It really does look like a shiny, copper penny at some angles, but at others it’s all frosty and glow-y….you’ll love it! Madre really loved it, too, once she was coherent enough to see realize her toenails were polished! Ha!

It’s shiny, but not too shiny, know what I mean? It looks gorgeous (except not on my big ‘ol sloppy thumb and cuticle) at any angle. Honestly, I’m a fan of almost all the Essie polish colors. You should also go check out some of their awesome new summer colors!

shopping for sun essentials

My last little mention goes to another brand I’m crazy about…Hempz. I have eczema, and sensitive skin that tends to flare up with many products.  I use a very limited amount of skin care products, because I know what I can use without flare-ups.  Hempz is one of those products!  The lotions are so creamy, but not greasy, and they smell amazing.  I picked up a few favorites at the hair show a few weeks ago, plus a little something new…So Bronze, which is available on Amazon, as well!

shopping for eyeliner

click pic to buy!

I’ve been wanting to try a bronzer, but was a little apprehensive about spending a ton on something that I may not like, or may not work with my skin. I was pumped when I saw this!  This is the best face bronzer powder I’ve tried to date, and I’m so happy I found it. It works great as a body bronzer powder, as well!

I already loved these two Hempz products:

shopping for eyeliner

This Hempz Hydrating Bath and Body oil is a luxurious oil that you can squirt right into your bath water or smooth on damp skin before drying.  It smells a little fruity, but soft and yummy.

Hempz After Sun Cooling Gel and Hydrator is a wonderful cooling spray body gel, which also has a light and beautiful fragrance. There’s no replacement for sunscreen, but if you do happen to get a little too much, you’ll love the feel of this spray on your skin. This is one of the best after sun products I have found!

shopping for eyeliner

What are your Faves?

What are you falling in love with this Spring/Summer for your beauty routine? Drop me a comment and let me know, including your favorite nail polish colors, eyeliners, and your favorite sunscreens and best after sun products. Really, anything beauty-related…I love new recommendations!

I look half-dead without doing a little something to my eyes, no one wants to look at a bunch of ugly toenails, and taking care of my skin is a huge priority for me, since I have the skin of a large fish. I usually set out shopping for eyeliner, then wind up with several other new beauty products, too! You may have some other summer beauty finds that I need to know about, so don’t hesitate to get in here and sound off with me!  If you have a related blog post, share it in the comments, as well!  Let’s get everyone summer-ready!

X,O,X,O,   Martie