WOW! Rockin’ An Asymmetrical Haircut

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I am bringing you a little haircut today that sort of snuck into my Guest Book/Hair and Makeup Gallery page without a story.  We can’t have that!  So today’s sweet asymmetrical haircut is finally getting the accolades it deserves!FullSizeRender (88)

This beautiful model is my awesome stepmother, JiJi!  She’s been in my life for over 35 years, and she loves my Daddy-O, and my girls, with a vengeance, so I’m pretty fond of her.  She is a young, vibrant 60-something who works as a secret agent for the Navy (actually, I never have been able to remember what exactly she does, but it’s a gubment job.  JiJi’s too cool to be thought of as a number-cruncher or something, so I’ve always imagined her job as something ‘Top Secret’). FullSizeRender (87)

Jiji has been rockin’ the beautiful silver hair for a few years now, ever since Daddy-O pointed out that she wouldn’t look so much younger than him if she’d stop coloring her hair.  I tell ya, she couldn’t have made a better choice!  JiJi’s silver hair is so shiny and healthy- and pretty thick!  What really rocks about JiJi and that gorgeous silver hair of hers is that she is adventurous when it comes to her hair, and she knows that edgy, fashionable haircuts, like the asymmetrical haircut, are not just for 20-somethings!  FullSizeRender (86)

I can’t take credit for the original haircut here, because JiJi lives in the Deep Deep South, and I only get to cut her hair a couple of times a year, at best.  Actually, JiJi came up with the design idea herself.  She took her idea into Chemistry, the Salon in Pensacola, FL, and Andrea Gonzalez brought the design idea to reality.   In these pics, I had just done a shampoo, trim/shape-up and blowout, but I love her cut so much that I just had to give it a little showcase!  It’s cropped close on the neck, cut nearly over the ear on the left, and and left longer on the right, with just the right amount of layering to help it all blend.  FullSizeRender (85)

I LOVE this classic, yet fun and asymmetrical haircut so much! Way to go, Andrea!  I love to see fellow hairstylists drop their mad skills!

Lookin’ good, JiJi!

Everyone have a great Wednesday!

X,O,X,O,  Martie