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Not Just a Hair Artist

Believe it or not, I’m not just a hair artist. I actually love to do easy doodle drawings, paint, sculpt, craft, and color with colored pencils. I guess that creative gene runs deep in my veins. I actually drew this little graphic for my blog, back when it was still called “Is That a Hair In My Biscuit?”. I used a simple Sharpie fine tip pen on white paper.

easy doodle drawings


Can any of you believe that I have been blogging now for almost 2 years?  I certainly can’t believe it.  I’ve come a long way since I started, with this post, and I’ve had an absolute ball doing it. Sharing my creativity, like that easy doodle drawing, with the world is definitely something I feel comfortable with, even though I wasn’t sure it was when I first started this adventure.

It’s so easy to get caught up in worrying what others will say or think if you express yourself, which often holds you back from sharing, right? I know some folks who don’t have this problem, and they share EVERYTHING on social media, in public places…just everywhere…but that’s not the kind of sharing I like to do. I am fully aware that no one is interested in my bathroom schedule, my bad moods, my family drama, or even whether or not I went to the grocery store that day.  I don’t share these things, because no one cares!  Everyone on the planet uses the bathroom, is occasionally moody, has family drama, and shops for groceries; this is why it’s boring.

My Blog, My Rules

The things I want to share are my work in the salon, my old country home remodel, my handmade crafts, my doodles and sketches, and occasionally recipes.  You’ve seen plenty of all of it if you’ve followed me for very long.  I worried about sharing those things because sometimes sharing talents makes people think you’re a show-off, or bragging.  I’m just a hairstylist in a small town, and there are lots of folks just like me, right here in this same small town.  Besides, what credibility do I have for sharing my own art, or even recipes? I didn’t want to be looked at as a pompous know-it-all.

I’m sure some people do think that about me, but something about turning 40 changed me, and I don’t care anymore.  I decided that there are a whole lot of folks out there besides the few thousand in my hometown, folks who might enjoy my sharing, and over the course of these 2 years I have found out I was right!  I’ve built my followers from zero to 108 on WordPress, plus I have 30-something email subscribers.  I know these numbers are not magnificent, but starting with nothing and getting here in less than 2 years is something I am proud of.

I’ve also built my clientele in the salon, and have had clients try me simply because they saw my blog pictures and liked my work. I’ve built a handmade business from the ground up, sharing what I’ve made along the way on this blog, and have tripled my sales from last year on Etsy.  I’ve done more drawing practice in the past year and a half than I have my entire adult life.  I’ve met goals I didn’t even set for myself, but I’m so proud of my accomplishments!

not just a hair artist, but also an artistic blogger

I have built my small following by doing that very thing that I was afraid of:  sharing my work in the salon, my old country home remodel, my handmade crafts, my doodles and sketches, and the occasional recipe.  I stepped outside of my comfort zone and threw myself out into the world.   I’ve worked very hard at all of it, and clearly have so much to show for it!

What prompted all of this?  All of those highlighted areas are links to past blog posts, and they are subject-relevant to whatever is highlighted. If you click on “doodles and sketches” up there, either time, you’ll see posts which include my doodles and sketches. You will also see that the quality of my doodles and sketches is diminished by the quality of my photography.

easy doodle drawings in better quality

I’m super excited to announce that I will no longer be sharing ugly, dark, blurry photographs of my own easy doodle drawings!  I finally got a new computer, which works with my printer/scanner/copier!

Isn’t that better? I still have some kinks to work out, but I’m loving the way these easy doodle drawings look now!

Comparison:  easy doodle drawings

YEAH BABY!  So much better now.

What does this have to do with all of my ramblings? Not a darn thing, but this here blog belongs to this here pompous know-it-all, and I can write about whatever I want! Plus, I wanted to shout to the world that I’m not just a hair artist. We artistic types are like that.

Just kidding…it’s because I’m so excited to be able to illustrate my own posts, ANY post, without being embarrassed by the quality of my easy doodle drawings! Sharing is so much more fun when my posts, pictures and doodles look amazing, and I’m over-the-moon excited about being able to make it better.

not a photographer, either!

Now to just work on my photography skills (this coming from the person who used to get a roll of film developed, only to pay for 36 close-ups of her finger)!  Be prepared for more photos on this blog, because improving my photography skills is exactly what I intend to do.  I’ve already begun reading, bookmarking, and practicing some tips about improving my photography, and I plan to incorporate my new skills into this blogging adventure.  Of course, taking photographs of my drawings was never a great idea, but it was the only method I had for sharing them.  It’s called improvement…and I need to work on that in every aspect of my life, whether it be blogging, my work in the salon, easy doodle drawings….you get the picture.

Please keep in mind that I love hearing from you…if you read this blog and haven’t subscribed yet, please do!  I welcome comments, love reading them, and will try my best to respond to each and every one.  If you think I’m a pompous know-it-all and shouldn’t be sharing all of this, then why are you reading it?  Ha HA!  Gotcha there, didn’t I?

X,O,X,O,   Martie