Hair Trends on Pinterest

Welcome to Waves on Wednesday! This weekly post is always dedicated to the love of hair, makeup, nails, and anything else beauty-related.  Today, it’s all about hair trends on Pinterest!

First, Check out my favorite beauty board on Pinterest, “Hair I Love“!  This is actually my own board, but it’s only one of three beauty boards on my Pinterest account.  “Hair I Love” is where I pin hairstyles I love and love to do.  I can get lost in Pinterest for hours looking at hair pictures, plotting and scheming and figuring out how they’re done.

The hair trends on Pinterest (and in the real world) this summer have been all over the place. I’ve seen everything from perfectly gorgeous young women going gray on purpose (I just can’t understand a gray-haired 20-year-old),IMG_7423



to gorgeous vivids in every color of the rainbow, which I love.



I’m also seeing a lot of pixelated hair color popping up on Pinterest, such as this:


But fear not…you won’t see any of that mess on “Hair I Love”!  I’m open for most anything, and I’m all about experimentation, but I hope this look doesn’t make it too far past the experimental stage.  Some hair trends are not worth repeating, whether they’re huge on Pinterest or not!

Here’s another one of those hair trends on Pinterest that I’m just not able to wrap my mind around:  the top half-bun.  IMG_7428



I’ve been seeing this everywhere…is it me, or do the beautiful young ladies sporting this style suddenly look like Gene Simmons’ offspring?  I just can’t…

While you’re visiting my “Hair I Love” board, feel free to follow! I love formal hairstyles, beautiful hair color, trendy men’s cuts, cute pixies…it’s all there. I also have a board called “Hair I’ve Done“, which is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a great place to check out my work, but so is my Hair and Makeup Gallery right here on the blog. Because hair is not my only bag, babe, I also have a board called “Makeup On-Point“, which is where I save all my favorite makeup looks. If you’re interested, I have a great board entitled “Halloween Makeup“…also self-explanatory, but definitely worth checking out!

What are you pinning when it comes to hair, makeup or beauty? What are your favorite hair trends on Pinterest?  Do you search Pinterest before your hair appointment and take your phone in to show your stylist?  I have tons of clients who do this, and I love it! Many times, I’ll have already seen or even pinned the style that my client shows me, and if I haven’t, I usually search for it and pin it to one of my boards.  I encourage clients to send me pins, as well.  It’s fun to keep up with what everyone likes, and if a client is looking for a change, it’s awesome to have visuals of their goals so we can start working toward them early!

If you’re a hairstylist, especially in a small town that is behind fashion-wise (like mine), I hope you are using Pinterest.  It’s a great tool to help you keep up with what’s hot! Even when you live somewhere that the styles are slow to hit, there will always be several clients who are staying on trend by big city standards.  It pays for hairdressers to do the same.  Pinning trendy, relevant hairstyles will show your clients that you’re on top of your game!  Hair trends on Pinterest are the trends to follow!

I would love some feedback today! If you love searching Pinterest for your next hairstyle, drop the link to your favorite beauty board in the comments so I can check them all out!  If you don’t want to get that technical, just let me know how you describe what you want to your hairstylist. What’s the craziest method you’ve ever used to convey what you want? {Example:  I once had a client who talked her husband into drawing a line on her neck with a sharpie to show me where to cut her hair!} Or, just tell me what your hair goals are for fall!  I’m all about those comments, so just stop by and say ‘hi’, if that’s all you have time for! 🙂

Have a GREAT hair day!

X,O,X,O,   Martie