Hair Makeup and Beauty Roundup!

Welcome to WaVeS oN wEdNeSdAy! Wednesday is the day for all things hair, makeup and beauty here at A Hair In My Biscuit, and today I want to share a roundup of my favorite Waves On Wednesday posts with you!  I also threw in a couple of other great beauty reads, so grab a cuppa Joe and settle in somewhere!

Makeup and Beauty

We’ll start with the meat and potatoes: my favorite makeup and beauty posts!

Here is one of my all-time favorites: How To: Brow Shaping for Perfect Eyebrows.

First, let’s revisit this post: Put On Your New Years Makeup, where I let you in on what’s hot for one of the biggest party nights of the year. new years makeup

Here’s a great one where I’m yapping about my Avon business, but also showing you how to create a beautiful Avon face! It’s called “I’m YOUR New Avon Lady

Avon Lady

Last, but not least, is Glamour Photography Is Not Dead, where I share with you my favorite two online makeup apps!

hair affair

Back in the Spring, I posted “WOW! Summertime Hair“.  If you didn’t read it then, here’s your chance!  Yesterday my car thermometer read 103 degrees….don’t forget to take care of your hair in this heat!

makeup and beauty

Hair by Martie

You may also remember “Three Cute and Short Summer Hairstyles“,  and I would bet that many of you are seriously considering something short in this heat!

makeup and beauty

Here’s one from back in the winter called “Ho Ho Holy Cow, You’re Hair Looks Amazing!”  I was so pleased with the results of this haircolor that day, and how much the Keratin treatment helped this clients hair go from “Ew!”  to “Ahhhh!”

makeup and beauty

Here is an oldy, but a real goody.  “Salon-Fresh Hair On A Wednesday Morning” was written before Waves on Wednesday was even a thing!  It’s one of those awesome posts in which I have no pride nor shame, and you get to see lots of crazy pics of me, acting a fool.

makeup and beauty elsewhere

I found a couple of great sites to visit if you are just bonkers about makeup and beauty (besides this one, of course).  Check out The Beauty Department, for starters.  What a clean, pretty blog!  I’ve browsed every section, and I loved the hats and hair accessories under “inspirations”!

If you still haven’t gotten your fill of beauty, check out this article “20 Best Beauty Blogs to Check Out Right Now” from The Fashion Spot.  These are 10 blogs that I also need to visit, just to get a more diverse reading list!

I hope you all have a beautiful Hump Day!  The fam and I are going shopping for school clothes today, so think of me and wish me shopping mercies…I’ll let you know if I get any great beauty deals anywhere!

X,O,X,O,   Martie