WOW! Dump Trucks and Asphalt at the Hair Salon

Welcome to WaVeS oN wEdnEsDaY!!

Yes, I normally share amazingly wonderful hair and makeup tips with you on this day, but things have been a little different at the hair salon lately.

Guys, you all know we’re remodeling at home, right?  So, you know I’m pretty cool with banging and hammering and rumbling and all this business…I’m actually getting used to it.  In keeping with my home life, my workplace has become just as noisy and rumbly.  IMG_7652Our parking lot is getting a new coat of asphalt! (This is aside from the steady stream of repairmen who have had to come into the salon lately for the washer, then the dryer, then a water leak.  Poor Shuh-Wanda.  When it rains it pours.)

The paving is definitely a good thing.  I wish I had photographed the ginormous pothole that had been plaguing us for years.  I’m pretty sure there’s a Prius down in that hole somewhere.  It was one of those potholes that made a speed bump feel like a soft, spring breeze by comparison.

The part that’s annoying about the paving work is the stinky, hot black tar that now coats the whole huge lot, the bottoms of our shoes, and the black and white checkered floor of the salon.

Well, that, and the fact that the local crazies have been out and about, all nosy and full of commentary about the goings on.  Meet Dark Mark (hey, I didn’t name this one…he introduced himself to me this way).    

Dark Mark will beat up Godzilla for a pint of vodka and a pack of smokes.  He told us so!  He loves to tell funny stories (that are never very funny), and he flings himself from cursing into preaching in a second, flat.  This is me when I have to converse with Dark Mark.  IMG_7719He is one of many interesting folks who hangs around near the hair salon on a regular basis.  If he doesn’t catch anyone out to bum a smoke off of, he just helps himself to a few of the larger butts in the ashtray.  God love him.

Watching this blacktop project has been beyond entertaining, considering the fact that everyone in town thinks our parking lot is actually a street, and the folks who use it as a cut-through won’t be deterred easily.  One day last week we counted at least six cars that drove around the barricade (a giant dump truck), up onto our sidewalk, and right on through the lot, like a boss.  Apparently, bright orange cones don’t stand for anything anymore.  The motorists who haven’t navigated around the cones have just driven right over them.

Sure, we’ve done a lot of hair throughout this paving process.  Turns out not even a smoking, tar smothered parking lot will keep people from their salon appointment! I did a beautiful spiral perm just yesterday, and failed to snap a picture.  What can I say?  We were very busy looking out the window at the freak show known as “The Bottom”.

A familiar scene, and common mode of transportation, in The Bottom.

A familiar scene, and common mode of transportation, in The Bottom. Also evidence of the former condition of our parking lot (bottom left corner).


As you can imagine, this has been our view for the majority of the process.


Here’s hoping when I return to work tomorrow, the lot is finished and the new spaces are painted in.  I’ll look forward to parking close to the building again!  I only hope the smooth new super-highway doesn’t cause any accidents.  If the pothole to hell, 90 orange cones, and several huge dump trucks didn’t keep the determined motorists away, it can only get wilder from here!

Enjoy your Hump Day…and also, enjoy this awesome shot of our almost-finished, new, shiny, stinky parking lot, sporting useless orange cones!IMG_7718


X,O,X,O,    Martie


P.S.  Please take this as the humorous piece I intended it to be.  I love my hometown, including The Bottom, where I’ve worked by choice for the past 15 years of my life.  The wanderers are harmless souls, just looking for conversation.  I’m good at conversation, so it works out.   😉