Cute and Easy Summer Hairstyles With Knots

Today’s edition is all about cute and easy summer hairstyles with knots. Yes, I said knots…not to be confused with tangles! You can create an adorable ‘do with purposefully tied knots of hair, and I’ll show you how!

Summer Travels

I realize it is not officially summer, but we sure haven’t wasted any opportunities to pretend that it is around here. I guess you figured that out on Monday, what with my short post about the kick-off of our summer vacation!  Actually, the family and I were in TheMiniVanWithAPlan when I completed that post, traveling back from a short weekend in the Florida panhandle to visit Daddy-O and JiJi.

The Beautiful Gulf Coast, Pensacola Beach.

The Beautiful Gulf Coast, Pensacola Beach

I did the whole post from my iPhone 4s….how cool is that? [Ok, let me not tell a fib…I did have to get my Kindle in on the typing action since I’m over 40 and can’t see that well anymore….]

Cute and Easy Summer Hairstyles

Back to the business at hand!  Cute, easy summer hairstyles with knots: it’s what’s happening today at A Hair In My Biscuit!

Do you happen to remember WOW!: Summertime Hair?  Yes, that is a link so you can refresh your memory.  I pointed out that I had been styling my hair more, rather than just twisting it up into my “wad”, but I didn’t have any pictures.  Well, never fear!  Pics are here! And lucky for you, they are not all of me.

This was one of our milder spring days.


All I did was add some wand curls, then run my fingers through them and let it just wave.  I pinned myself a little ‘pouf’ in the front, since I was working in the salon that day and didn’t want my hair falling into my face while I was at the shampoo bowl.  I do that a lot, actually, since my hair is so heavy.  It helps keep the lengths from pulling my hair so tightly back in the front, especially when I wear it up.


Ponytail with a front pouf.

Ponytail with a pouf

Here is the ponytail with a pouf that you’ll catch me in most days of the week, especially in summer.


Here’s how I do it.

The aerial view.

The aerial view.

My hair takes three bobby pins, only because it’s so thick.  I take a small section up front, arrange it how I want it, then criss-cross two bobby pins to hold it.  I push those in from the back, then I add the third one to hold those two down.  If your hair is not super thick, you’ll only need two.

hairstyles with knots ~ knotted ponytail

This next ‘do is super simple: a knotted side ponytail, and I’ll show you how.


I told you about Martin Parsons when Shuh-Wanda and I went to the hairshow, and I definitely am a fan of his work.  He did a simple knot up-do, which was fantastic!  I played around with some knots in my own hair, and the above photo is the result.

I’m using Tigger, who actually has a chin-length bob at the moment, to show you how I do the knots.



knotted side-ponytail

After your knot is tied, just secure with bobby pins.  In my hairstyle, I did three knots,  pulled the tails of the knots back and pinned, then swept the rest into a side pony. Voila…a knotted side ponytail! Please ignore the fact that my elastic is showing…

One big knot

The knot is so cute, and with the popularity of the bun these days, it’s even cute to tie all of your hair in a knot, if it’s long enough.  I did that with Pooh’s friend, who already has some natural, sun-streaked highlights (she’s spends a lot of time on a softball field).  I actually started by putting her hair into a regular ponytail, then tying the ponytail itself into the knot.


I tied the knot, then pinned it securely all the way around the bun part.


knotbun1 You could even tuck in the tail by running the end through a bobby-pin, like I did to Tigger’s above to loop my knot.  Then, just poke that pin into the center of the bun, and criss-cross another over it, if you need the extra hold.

These simple little hair techniques can help you have a cooler, cuter summer!  Even if your hair is not super long, you can still try out these cute and easy summer hairstyles with knots: the ponytail with a pouf and the knotted side ponytail!

Thank you for stopping by today, and my wish for you all is to have a fabulous, fun, and relaxing start to summer, with awesome summer hair!

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X,O,X,O,   Martie