A Feminine Clipper Crop + Wedding Hair

A Feminine Clipper Crop + Wedding Hair

I have several awesome pictures for you this week, including a very cute, feminine clipper crop and some beautiful wedding hair! More and more I see women getting haircuts with clippers, and I am diggin’ it!

An Aside

First, you have to listen to me whine/share in my joy.  This is a very unusual week for me, because Pooh, my oldest daughter, is gone on a trip.  She and several of her Girl Scout friends left yesterday morning on a swanky charter bus for Chicago.  IMG_7041

I don’t know how great your geography is, but that’s pretty far away from the Deep South.  Coach, Tigger and I are just lost without her, but we are all so glad she is getting this experience!  I can promise you this, my heart is in Chicago.

Thanks for listening…

Now, on with what’s making waves in the salon!

Feminine Clipper Crop

I’m showing off two of my favorite heads-o-hair from the salon this past week, starting with a very trendy clipper cut on one of my cute female clients. I love seeing women getting haircuts with clippers! This client is near and dear to my heart, because she kept me on my toes all through her teen years with her daring hairstyles and colors.  You may have figured out that I get bored with the ordinary, so having clients who push the envelope keeps me focused and excited about my job.


She started out with the above look, minus the huge alligator clip.  I used it to section her hair off, obviously, and make sure my line was straight. She wanted the whole left side clipper cut, leaving her cute pixie on the right.  I clipped it down and blended in what needed blending, plus trimmed up the pixie side.  All I did to finish was blow-dry what I had dampened with my spray bottle, and then hand-styled it with some Sexy Hair: Frenzy.

She loved it!  I loved it!  This cool chick can totally rock it, which makes it even more lovable.  A very feminine clipper crop is the result! This cutie pie is just one of many women getting haircuts with clippers these days, but she wears it so well. There are so many clipper cut hairstyles for women, and I hope to get the chance to try a few more very soon!

Hair by Martie

Hair by Martie

simple wedding updos are my fave

My second fave of the week was some beautiful wedding hair!  This bride lives an hour north of my hometown, and her fiancé-turned-husband lives an hour south, so they met in the middle and married here.  She had no idea where to begin to find a hairstylist for this wedding, and I was very flattered to learn that I came highly recommended for wedding hair.  She has a friend who is from my town, originally, who posted a query on Facebook about who to go to for bridal hair.  I got the most shout-outs! I have amazing clients and friends, guys!

Anywho, here is her gorgeous wedding hair!  I love doing simple wedding updos like this one. You can check out some others I’ve done here and here.

Of course, I had to do a little back brushing on this bride’s hair, which is like teasing with a brush.  Her Mom called in the middle of that, and must’ve asked how it was looking.  My bride said, “Pretty Southern right now, but she’ll calm it down”.  I laughed so hard!  Then I started calming it down….

I just love simple wedding updos!


Hair by Martie

The wedding was Saturday, and I’m sure it was gorgeous.  What a sweet bride!  She seemed very happy, and calm, so I know they had an amazing day!

a great week

That’s what I have to show off today, folks!

Of course, I didn’t mind showing off my new cape on both of these models! I made this one for myself, and I absolutely love it! Several of my clients have commented on it, and they love how lightweight it is (we got above 90 degrees yesterday).  There’s a full shot of this pretty cape on Instagram, but if you’re looking for one for yourself, you can visit my Etsy shop!  I love making my upcycled hairdresser gear!

Here’s hoping everyone has a GREAT hair day!

X,O,X,O,   Martie