Workspace Reveal: Keeping it Real

First things first:  Happy Veteran’s Day!  Be sure you take the time to thank a veteran today!

It’s been a little bit of a rough week.  I’m going to tell you about it, and in the spirit of keeping it real, I’m going to follow that with the workspace reveal!  You know, the “dreamy workspace”  I told you about a few posts ago? You’re going to be so amazed at how real I’m keeping it! Just hang tight, the pics are in this post; I promise!

Let’s start with the fact that it’s been a little too long in coming that I share the “after” pics.  We did everything we set out to do in the sunroom, including hanging pictures and getting organized (excluding downloading those cute printables…must do!).  The problem has been a serious lack of lighting due to cloudy days, and when the sun did decide to shine, we weren’t home to take the pictures.  The big ball of fire in the sky made an appearance for a bit yesterday, and I took advantage of it, snapping all kinds of pictures amidst all the annoying red, icky, Asian beetles that have taken over our home. Asian beetleThose things have driven us nuts!  Living in an older home means we are completely inundated with them, especially upstairs in the girls’ room.  I vacuum them up every single day, and return to find twice as many the next.  Ugh.bugs

But, I digress.  The clouds have been sticking close, keeping things a little dark and dreary around the place for days.  There’ve been a few figurative dark clouds, as well (aside from the stupid bugs), like a water bill that is $60 more than it should be.  We have had a steady climb in our water bill since July, when I first noticed it being way too high and tried, in vain, to tell Coach we had a problem.  Now that it has reached double the normal price, he is freaking out and spinning in circles trying to find “The Leak”.   We now have a plumber on the way to try and locate the underground leak, since it is not leaking anywhere near the house; Coach has scoured the place thoroughly, checking toilets, the water heater, underneath, and so on.  The bill started to climb right after that huge sycamore tree came down in the back yard…right on top of the water lines.  Hm.  coach digsCoach even tried to dig up the water lines himself, which only resulted in him cutting Madre’s phone line right in two three.  Oops.  At&t has been alerted, so they should be out sometime before the spring thaw, right?  Of course, money is no object.

What else has happened, you might ask?  Well, how about the nameless family member barfing all over the brand new carpet?  That was a real treat.  At 1:00 am, I might add! Thanks to a couple cans of carpet cleaner and one serious shop vac, I think we saved it, maybe. The nameless family member has not been held accountable (because, you know, puke happens), and has recovered nicely from that gnarly stomach bug.  Here’s hoping the rest of us can avoid it!

On the upside, I’ve been busy!  I have had orders to fill, and I’ve been working diligently to get those done, while also trying to stock up for two craft fairs that are coming up quickly.  So, yes, I finally took pictures…I just decided to keep it real, and show you what my super-dreamy workspace really looks like when I’m actually working in it.  The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

First, the one surface that doesn’t look like a trainwreck: the top of my sewing desk.

Oh, look! There's that pumpkin I never painted!

Oh, look! There’s that pumpkin I never painted!

Grandmother’s Singer is reigning over the room like any good understudy, hoping the Emdeko will falter again so she can have another moment to shine.  Let’s all pray collectively for that to never happen.  I talked Coach into giving me that one wall for all of my James Dean stuff, which has definitely brightened up the room for me!  I’m sorry I chopped off James’ head, but he’s lookin’ good, I promise.

Here’s the rest. iron The ironing board hasn’t been down for days, because I need it! I loathe ironing clothes, but don’t seem to mind using it for my sewing projects.  I just love how a new project comes together after it’s been pressed that first time when it comes off the machine! I, too, am astounded at the thrill this gives me.easel

My easel is out in the middle of the floor because it usually lives where the ironing board is.  I can walk around it, no problem!bracelets

To the left of the sewing desk are all the bracelets I’ve cut.  They’re waiting for magnets, which finally came in yesterday, so they may not be littering things for very much longer.hoosier

We even hung some more of Coach’s Alabama stuff all around the Hoosier cabinet!  I love the way it looks, even though you probably can’t see it for all the junk. The sunroom is, after all, his Alabama football room, right?  Well, sort of….



Yes, my cute little bookcases are still organized, maybe better than ever.  I put my loose ribbon spools in some baskets I brought home from the salon, and still have the others on those cute little dowels for easy dispensing.  My shipping supplies are all crammed in there, ever so neatly <eyeroll>.  Of course, my shipping scales are over on this little shelf-thingy that holds all my paints (since it’s right next to the easel ironing board….oh, brother).scales

As you can see, I really am keeping it real.  What good is a workspace if you can’t work in it?  I’m thankful to be busy, and loving the space, even amongst all the clutter, bugs, and spilled flax seeds.  And, I don’t necessarily mind the cloudy days, since stupid Asian beetles prefer to come out when it’s sunny.  Maybe the first freeze will come quickly and kill the little stinky suckers!

How chaotic is your life lately?  You know me, I’m always looking out for that silver lining.  What I would like for you to take from this post are the good things:  stupid Asian beetles are less annoying when it’s cloudy, the plumber is going to save the day (and make a mint), the phone line will get fixed eventually, the nameless family member is well, and I’m filling orders in my dreamy, messy workspace! What more could a girl ask for?



X,O,X,O,   Martie