Wish List for Outdoor Living

Coach and I have a little wish list for outdoor living accessories, and we’re saving up so we can fill this list.  I hope we aren’t the only ones who do this…it is so much fun to window shop, look online, and dream about all the things that we know would just make our home perfect.  I always feel like a kid at Thanksgiving, making out my wish list for Santa, when we start browsing Home Depot or Lowe’s (in person, or online).  I’m going to share our current wish list with you, because I think we’ve found some pretty amazing things to help us enjoy the great outdoors!

Update: This was our 2015 list.  It’s now April 2016, and we still have the same wish list for outdoor living!  We did manage to do some work to the screened-in porch, though, which you can see here and here

I spend way more time outside than I do inside, especially between the months of March and December.  Our seasons are so ham-scam here in the Deep South, so it’s not unusual to have a pretty, 60-degree day at the end of February, or a chilly night in June.  I tend to take advantage of any day that’s dry and above freezing by spending time outdoors.  Let’s get to this wish list!

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Wish List for Outdoor Living

  1. OUTDOOR CEILING FANceilingfanCoach and I just love the look and style of this fan!  It’s sort of retro-looking, don’t you think?  For just $139 at Home Depot, we won’t have to save up for very long! We want it for our front porch, but if I’m lucky, I’ll get one for my screened-in porch, as well!
  2. PATIO HEATERpatioheaterThere are so many different models and styles of patio heaters out there, and I know we need to shop around.  We found this one at Home Depot, also, for just $129!  I like the look of it compared to others in this size.  There are prettier ones, but we don’t want to pay extra for looks.  This table top version would be pretty handy, as well, for just $99 at Home Depot.tabletopheat
  3. GROWN-UP SWING (HAMMOCK)cushionhammockThere has always been a hammock of some sort here at Big Creek, but in recent years it has been a one-seater type hammock, or swing, that hung on the front porch. Ours just gave out this summer, and Sister Shell may have been the saddest of all. The wish list for outdoor living is not just for Coach and me…we have lots of family who love to be here at Big Creek, hanging around outside! Shell was going to continue using that old swing until she just fell through the seat, I think, but Madre snatched it down and tossed it before that could happen.  I must replace it before next summer! I found the one above on Pinterest, and it’s online at Home Ec for $195, but I don’t think it’s available for purchase as it said ‘coming soon’ instead of ‘add to cart’.  They have several styles available on that site, and I do love them!  If $195 is a little steep for your budget (like it is mine), I found this one at Lowe’s for $59.95. chairOf course, I’d have to add my own huge cushion, but I could probably make one pretty simply.  Come to think of it, I might even be able to make the whole thing!  Looks like I’ll need a dowel rod, some strong rope, and some nice outdoor fabric….come back to me on this one! 
  4. OUTDOOR CHECKERS TABLE –  checkersSince I brought up making stuff, I really think we need one of these cute little tables somewhere down at the creek. I found this on Pinterest, as well, and it linked back to a site called Hometalk...as if I need another cool website to fall in love with! Isn’t that checkers table precious?  This is definitely not something I want to buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s!  Don’t forget this cute display, because I will  be hunting up a big, flat rock for this project!
  6. photo from RedBirdBlue

    photo from RedBirdBlue

    Another Pinterest find.  I just love how this is set up, and I really dig the brightly colored chairs!  I actually found another shot of the same screened-in porch on Pinterest,

    photo from RedBirdBlue

    photo from RedBirdBlue

    and pinned that, too.  I then figured out it was from the same porch and, luckily, found another blog to follow!  This porch belongs to Renee Starzl over at RedBirdBlue, and I’m excited about digging into her blog and seeing what other decorating tips she has up her sleeve! Her porch definitely inspired some things for my wish list for outdoor living. This is my boring, basic screened-in porch right now:

    Don’t you think I need some help?  It’s my favorite spot to hang out, but it needs some flair!

What’s on your wish list for outdoor living?  Have you done something really unique in your outdoor living space that I need to see?  Feel free to share links to your most awesome outdoor projects in the comments, because I’d love to see more fun, functional, and fabulous outdoor living ideas!  I need stuff to add to our wish list!  🙂  There will only be a few more months of decent outdoor weather before the cold comes in, but hopefully I’ll have my patio heater by then, so I won’t miss a minute of living outdoors!

Have a GREAT weekend!

X,O,X,O,   Martie

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