Window to My World | Farmhouse Remodel Update

Window to My World | Farmhouse Remodel Update

I invite you to look through the window to my world – the new window, that is! This is only one of nine new windows that now adorn the Big Creek Farmhouse.

window to my world

New windows may not seem that exciting to you, but you have to admit, they really gave this old house a nice facelift, especially the upstairs windows in the dormers.

farmhouse remodel

Not only that, but these beautiful, new double-hung windows will bring so much joy to my life. If you know me at all, or have read even just a few posts on this blog, then you know I love to be outdoors. That means that I also love bringing the outdoors in whenever I can. We could not do that in this house until these new windows were installed.

Out With The Old

The old windows were just too, well, old. The window panes were super fragile, and many of the windows were painted shut or just would not budge. The pic below shows the old window in the same spot as my first pic above, with green trim and a black storm window…the actual wooden window behind it is extremely old.

old window panes

The screens were full of holes, as well (like the one above). And as much as I love fresh air, I HATE bugs…especially inside my house!

Not to mention, in the winter months we could feel the cold air coming in around nearly every window we had. Twenty-degree drafts are not my idea of “fresh air”. Not only that, but $600 heating bills are not my idea of a good time. Having windows that open and good screens is a dream come true!

Sunroom windows that open

We chose the new windows to match the ones in our sunroom. When we remodeled  that room (read about that here), we wanted sunroom windows that open, and that did not have the grid. We wanted to allow as much light into that room as possible, so we could still call it a “sunroom”, even though it’s really not by most people’s standards.

sunroom windows that open

These windows are only four years old, but with no other functional windows, there wasn’t much point in opening them. You don’t get the fabulous outdoor air unless you have a bit of a cross-draft, ya know?

The door to my soul

Once the windows started going in and we saw how gorgeous the white trim looked, we knew we also wanted to replace the front door. The old door was kind of special, because it was scarred with doggie toenail marks from pooches past who always scratched at it when they wanted in. Even though that was kind of special, it was also ugly. Plus, the hunter green door just didn’t have the same appeal with white windows.

old front door

new front door

Replacing the door was a bit of a challenge, but our guys got it done! Just look at this amazing after pic!

It’s All Coming Together

Needless to say, we are thrilled! If we ever get some cool fall weather, I can open all of my new windows and feel the crisp breeze throughout the entire house! There is no better feeling.

The window to my world is much cleaner, prettier, and makes my world a lot more accessible!

X,O,X,O   Martie