Why Are We Getting Carpet? Take a Look!

This is how we spent our Sunday. 



All you can see is an empty room, I know.  With junk piled up on every non-removable surface, I know. But even with the flaws, it’s a beautiful room, isn’t it?  I love old attic rooms, and especially this one, because it’s the same room I shared with Jimmie growing up.  The desks/dressing tables are built in, and I’m crazy about the built-in window seats with cabinets underneath.  The giant giraffe is holding down the window seat. 

What you can’t see is that we moved an entire stuffed-animal-veterinary-infirmary, several doll beds, a doll house with accessories, two beds, two dressers, and a bookcase downstairs (of course, once we did all that, we noticed that we had failed to finish painting the walls.  Oops!  Coach rolled up his sleeves and finished up the wall and a half that we had missed, and the entire ceiling, with the pretty, white paint. We used Dove White in Glidden from Home Depot).  

We did all of this because today is carpet installation day for the girls’ room! Yippee!!  We chose a gray carpet (well, I did, because I’m the one who went carpet shopping) that has a little bit of a pattern in it, and I think we will be pleased with it.  It has all kinds of warranties against stains, rips, snags, or just about anything that you could come up with regarding carpet defectiveness.  The carpet will also be on the stairs themselves…as you can see, that will be an improvement. I’ll definitely show off the carpet as soon as the work is done!


Here are a few more shots of the upstairs floor, in case you needed reassurance on why we are getting carpet.

In the closet. It looks this bad because that used to be where the stairs were located. Actually, it was more like a ladder back then.

In the closet. It looks this bad because that used to be where the stairs were located. Actually, it was more like a ladder back then.


Some painted, some not. Some holes, too.

Some painted, some not. Some holes, too.


Carpet won't straighten the stairs, but it will sure give them a facelift!

Carpet won’t straighten the stairs, but it will sure give them a facelift!

The girls are beyond excited about this project!  I still have dreams of someday fixing the wonky places in the old hardwood and painting the floor a shiny gray, but that can wait until the girls are grown and gone….which I don’t even want to think about.

As you can imagine, this big move means that the downstairs is crowded up again with furniture that doesn’t belong.  It’s not nearly the disaster it was when the sunroom was emptied, and it won’t stay like that for nearly as long, so I’ll survive.  We have the two dressers in the dining room, the broken-down beds and all the rest in the sunroom…but my workspace is clear!  I can’t give that space up again!

After the carpet project, we have one last thing to accomplish before we take a nice, long break.  Coach is determined to level up our hallway floor while he’s on Fall break next week, since that’s the floor with the most holes.  We’ve been living with it patched in places, with random scraps of vinyl flooring stapled down to keep the critters and drafts out since we moved in last year. So, I understand and agree with his urgency in getting it leveled and installing some flooring that we don’t mind looking at. 


Our living room, dining room and kitchen floors need attention, as well, but they need the kind of attention that involves cutting holes to do major repairs versus patching holes.  With cooler weather approaching, that’s not something we want to dive into right now.  It will all wait until next summer, and I will throughly enjoy the peace and quiet of NOT doing any remodeling for a while. The winter will give me plenty of time to do some little decorative touches, which, of course, I will share with all of you.  

I’m off to donate all the outgrown clothes and toys we gathered in yesterday’s move, and then to purchase new mattresses for the girls’ beautiful, four-poster beds that my Grandfather built.  I’ll show the beds off once the room is put back together, along with the entire finished product.  This mattress and boxed-spring purchase is pretty necessary, since they’ve been sleeping for a year on the same ones Jimmie and I slept on our whole childhood. Yep, I’m still holding that “Bad-Mom” trophy. 

These are exciting times, folks!  The girls will be able to ‘waller’ in the floor later in the week!  And maybe, just maybe, it won’t sound like a herd of buffalo overhead when they’re up there moving around now!  Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed that the installers show up today….

X,O,X,O,   Martie