What Day Is It? Oh Yeah, April Fools!

In light of the date on the calendar, I’m doing something a little different.  I may not have a monumental prank to pull on you, but I can’t let April Fools Day pass without fooling around a little…it’s just who I am.


Let’s start here.  Why are these called Redbuds?  redbudDoes this look red to you?  redbud1And while we’re at it, why do May Apples sprout in March, and June Bugs annoy me in July?


Do you think when cows stand on hillsides, their legs grow longer on one side?  Sure looks like it to me, because they always seem to be standing straight up.  Except this one.  leaningcow

You say laughing cow, I say leaning cow.


Peek-a-boo!pee-pie cow


This is what’s known as “farm foreplay”.



Have you ever had a voyeuristic dog?  Rocky in position

Do you think I’ve got him pegged all wrong?  Maybe he’s just been reminding me continuously for seven years that I had his man-parts removed.  rocky on back

Maybe I’m the weirdo for taking so many pictures.  Can they get you for doggie porn?

rocky again

I see why wisteria sounds so much like hysteria.  wisteria

That thing looks like my hair in the mornings!  But, much like my hair, you have to get closer to really appreciate its unruliness beauty.

wisteria bloom


May your loved ones fill your sugar dish with salt, may you trick all your coworkers into believing you’re leaving your job to go work at a strip club, and may you pee on saran wrap at least once today!

Happy April Fool’s Day, you fools!  🙂

X,O,X,O,     Martie