Best Football Food Ideas | Let’s Eat!

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Best Football Food Ideas | Let’s Eat!

I’m going to make you hungry today with my best football food ideas, and it’s the perfect time to do it! It’s just starting to cool off here, and football is in full swing. Get ready to break out your pasta pot, the chocolate chips, and your favorite team plates!

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Football At My House

As you know, football season is upon us. Since this is a weekend sneak-in, I’m gonna do something a little more personal and familial, including my simple spaghetti meat sauce recipe. Because around here, we take football personally! Well, Coach and Pooh do, anyway. And we are Alabama fans! Ok, well, actually, um, Coach and Pooh are Alabama fans. Tigger is a One Direction fan, and I am a Kentucky fan. But, I’m not really a football person, I’m more of a basketball person (UK all the way baby!!), so I sorta just play along and try to make the beginning of football season as fun for Coach as possible.

[An aside….this is what Coach and I do. We love each other, and we are bound by law and by God to support each other, and by gosh, we want to. He helps me pour flax seed into little cloth bags, I make football season festive and do everything short of actually sitting down and watching the game with him. It’s called luuuuv, baby (Pooh watches the game with him, so I don’t have to go that far, right?)!]

Anywho….Does this contradiction in colors make me a bad person? Just getting in the spirit! I paid for it, though. Have you seen how the Wildcats have been playing? Yikes!  (I haven’t,  but I have heard about it from Daddy-O and Coach. Do you see what a pitiful fan I am?)

best football food ideas

We even broke out the fine china and the good linens….ahem… I mean the, uh,


Alabama novelty items from Sam’s (which you all know means we have enough to last at least three football seasons). For all you Bama haters out there, I promptly smothered his big ol’ ugly elephant face with spaghetti and salad! Boo-yah!!


My sister, Jimmie, got into football last year, and if she can do it, I can do it. But so far, the best thing about football season to me is an excuse to break out my best football food ideas. Like these chocolate chip cookies below that haven’t been baked yet. It’s always a miracle if I wind up with a full batch of baked cookies. I don’t believe in that whole “raw eggs can kill you” bull.

football7the food!

Just for kicks, I’ve thrown in two recipes for your cooking pleasure. The simple spaghetti meat sauce recipe is one my Daddy-O sent to me when I was in college. It isn’t even his regular recipe, but it is definitely a regular at our house! Love this stuff.

The cookies? Not so much a recipe as a method, but it’s worth sharing.

Thanks for venturing off the beaten path with me.  As I said in my first weekend sneak-in, I have a lot to share, but you can count on crafts on Mondays and beauty on Wednesdays. My best football food ideas are coming right up!

Simple spaghetti meat sauce recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies

As I said before, this is more of a method than a recipe. The recipe is on the back of the Nestle’s Toll House Morsels bag, and it’s the best, in my opinion. So here are some suggestions for you to make them the best in your opinion, also:

1. The recipe says 2 sticks of butter. It does not say 2 sticks of margarine or a cup of lard. It says butter.

This is butter.butter Use it! Some may say you should use unsalted butter, and you may prefer it. I have never intentionally bought unsalted butter, and don’t plan on it. To me, what makes chocolate chip cookies good is the sweet and salty marriage. Yuh-huh!

2. I always beat the butter until it’s creamy and fluffy before adding the sugars and vanilla. I don’t know why, but I do. Of course this means your butter needs to be good and soft.

3. I use a Pampered Chef medium scoop for scooping my cookie dough. One scoop-full per cookie, and I don’t mash them down.football6

4. I bake them as directed, and in my oven it’s always exactly 10 minutes.


They come out perfect every time….golden brown on the outside, soft on the inside, and just freakin’ amazing!

Why is there always one little cookie who gets robbed of his chocolate chips?

"I feel so empty inside..."

“I feel so empty inside…”

Thank you for your weekend time!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a neat sewing post, where I reveal all my secrets about just how cheap I really am!

Enjoy your Sunday, some football (or a great nap), and some great food! Leave me a comment about your favorite football food, would ya? I like new ideas, and I crave your comments like I crave chocolate chip cookie dough!

X,O,X,O,   Martie