Wedding Season 2014 Has Begun!

I have been absent for a lot longer than I intended, and I apologize!  The end of the school year is always a hectic time for us, and I haven’t had even a minute for blogging. The dog days of summer are approaching, so hopefully I can get back to a blogging routine soon.  It sometimes stinks to have to work all summer while my family lounges around and enjoys the outdoors, but summer vacation has its benefits for me, as well.  I get to sleep a little later, I only have to fix my own hair in the mornings, and I get to leave to-do lists for Coach and the girls to complete!  All is well here in the Deep South.

I shared with you in my last post that I had a wedding coming up, and showed off the bride-to-be’s awesome makeup 3 (86) The wedding was actually two weeks ago now, and I had so much fun making this bride’s hair fabulous for her big day. This girl is gorgeous anyway, and has quite the head of hair to work with.

The night before the wedding, my sweet bride had a henna 4 (59) I asked a lot of questions about how the henna application is done, and was truly amazed by the intricacy of it, but I never asked questions about where this tradition started or what it means to 3 (87) I will have to be more nosy…

I love that I got to braid her hair for this ceremony, and attach all of her beautiful head ornaments for 2 (95) I took lots of pictures, because she just looked stunning to 1 (97) Her outfit and glass bangles came from Pakistan, where she was born and raised. Her jewelry, head pieces, everything was just perfect.

The next morning, I went to the wedding venue to create her dream wedding hair. It took a while, but the results were absolutely worth 2 (98) It was a peaceful time for me, and I hope it was for her, as well. That phone sure did ring a lot!shiphhair The wedding had been moved indoors due to the chance of rain, but the weather was beautiful, so most calls were questioning whether they had moved it back 3 (88)


photo 5 (22)

The couple married indoors, and had a wonderful time. Pooh had a band concert that night, so I was unable to attend the wedding, but I heard it was a lot of fun. So many cultures were represented at this wedding, and the bride told me that everyone agreed it made it even more fun!

Just so I don’t leave you hanging, here she is all dolled up.

Photo credit: Guy Schafer

Photo credit: Guy Schafer Photography

See what I mean?  Stunning!

The past three weeks at the salon have been fabulous…I’ve been booked solid! I have done so many colors and highlights, I’ve lost count! It has been so great, because the time flies by and the work-week is over in a flash. This week is showing signs of a slow-down, but I will just ride the wave and hope for the best! The older I get, the more I get used to the ‘feast or famine’ phenomenon that IS hairdressing for a living. Lord knows, I can always find something to do when I’m slow…as long as I stay out of trouble!

So the first wedding of the season is behind me, and an awesome Disney vacation is in my near future.  What a way to start summer!  I hope your summer starts off with a bang, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!