Waves On Wednesday: Jimmie’s Back!

You’ve all met Jimmie, right?  She’s my sister, my best friend, my customer, and my blog follower!  I am her sister, her best friend, her hairstylist, and her blog follower!  It’s a cool relationship.

Jimmie doesn’t really get treated like a priority customer sometimes, probably because there are two other relationship descriptions before ‘customer’, if you know what I mean.  Plus, she lives over 70 miles from the salon, and doesn’t ever have any vacation days left by January (not that she has taken them all, she just has them all earmarked for something).  Jimmie usually ends up going 8 to 10 weeks (or longer) between hair appointments, so she usually comes in looking like this.IMG_6251

This time, she just wanted her color touched up and a really wearable haircut.  When Jimmie’s hair gets long like that it just drags her down. I foiled in her highlights, and I cut away.  Here’s what the end results looked like.IMG_6401

A couple of inches off the length, a good amount of layering, and some fresh, spring blonde!IMG_6402  As you can’t tell, these pictures were taken in an office setting. That would be Jimmie’s office, because I had to text her and beg her to beg her boss to take pictures of her new ‘do before it grew back out.  Because why?  Because Martie forgot to take pictures again!  Jimmie looks great with this mid-length, layered haircut and blonde highlights, and I love the soft curls with this cut.  Great job, Jimmie!

I realize that this is just one little ol’ hairdo, and doesn’t make for a super enthralling blog post.  Don’t fear!  I spent a great amount of time this morning working on my Guestbook/Hair and Makeup Gallery!  I added all of my newer, more recent hair photos, including these of Jimmie.  I figured out how to actually create a photo gallery, so my pics aren’t scattered all over the page!  I hope you’ll take a look, and please leave a comment (sign my guestbook) and let me know what you think!

This was not an easy task.  When I imported my content from my .com blog over to this one, somehow the import happened twice or something, because every photo I have is in duplicate now.  I also have a dinosaur laptop, and I have to click ‘wait’ about 40 times per session.  I know my drivers are outdated, and now I can’t even get my computer to recognize my brand-new printer, or to connect to wifi at the salon.  I need a new one, guys!  BAD.  But, that will have to wait, for now.  Hopefully I’ll get a new Mac for Mother’s Day! (I can just see Coach, and he’s ROFL!)

Thank you for stopping by today, and please come back! And please do visit my Guestbook/Hair and Makeup Gallery before you leave.  There’s so much interesting stuff in there, from formals to Halloween makeup, and everything in between!

X,O,X,O   Martie