Waves On Wednesday: I Remembered Pictures!

It’s Wednesday…you know what that means, right?

No, not humps, WAVES!

It’s Waves On Wednesday!

Can you tell I’m excited? Well I have reason to be! I remembered to TAKE PICTURES!

Okay, so I only remembered twice, but seriously…have you been in a salon during the afternoon rush? Have you spent many Fridays in a salon? Sometimes I literally don’t have time to take a bathroom break, not to mention have a photo shoot!

So, in spite of the snow last week (yes, again, and more on the way), I made it in to the salon, and even got some photographic evidence to prove it!

Back story first, pictures after. Here’s the rundown: This lovely lady has been growing her hair for quite a while, and decided to get some substantial layering. I assured her it would only make her hair look longer to shorten up those layers, thereby increasing the volume at the top.  Being a logical girl, she sort of knew I was right, but starting with a pixie and finally growing to this point made her a little gun-shy about too much cutting!   So, we freshened up her color (my beloved Matrix ColorSync), and she closed her eyes while I carved some hair out of the interior!FullSizeRender (55)

FullSizeRender (56)

Lovely, no? Plus, I got a text from her the next day telling me that her ‘feller’ said, “your hair looks longer like that!” Whaddiditellya? 🙂

Here’s the second rundown: Going gray rocks, especially if your haircut rocks! This sweetheart loves short hair, but does NOT want to look the same each time she leaves.  She is another one who brings in a different picture or idea each visit, keeping her look fresh and keeping me on my toes!  I love the color of her hair, and I love that she rocks it!  FullSizeRender (57)



Is that not just sassy?  Let me tell you, this one can pull off sassy!  I wish I would’ve stolen another picture after the cape came off and her jewelry was back on, because she is too stinkin’ cute with all of her earrings and her cute glasses!

Thanks for joining me for Waves On Wednesday!  I’ll see you back on Monday with the rest of the story on Papa’s shop.  Then I have some BIG news to share with you next Wednesday…if the Good Lord is willing and the creeks don’t rise!

Have a GREAT hair day!

X,O,X,O,    Martie