Ho Ho Holy Cow, Your Hair Looks Amazing!

Ho Ho Holy Cow, Your Hair Looks Amazing!

It’s that time of year again! The salon is kicking into high gear right now, and the Christmas rush is upon us. My days in the salon are full, just the way I like them. And my beautful customers? They are here so they can hear the words they all crave…”Your hair looks amazing!”



The salon is kind of like church at Christmas time. People come in that you’ve hardly seen all year! I love seeing all the familiar faces, and the awesome transformations that usually take place when someone visits the salon after a long absence.

I had one such client recently, and I actually remembered to take before and after pictures! Our new-ish (she’s been with us since June) nail tech is great at reminding folks to do stuff. I asked her to remind me one time to take pictures of a client, and she put a post-it up at her station. She reminds me quite often now, and I’m so grateful!

My Bestie had neglected herself!

This client is actually very dear to my heart, and she doesn’t get to come see me as often as she’d like. Her life is hectic, with a demanding business to run, a husband, a son and a stepson to care for, and little time for herself. She went waaaaay too long between visits this time, and it showed.merrhair

First off, I freshened up her color. I use Matrix SoColor, and have for years. I’ve considered changing, but I’ve not ever been displeased with the results, and the gray coverage is awesome. I applied to the new growth first, then touched up the ends as well with a weaker formula. Her color had faded considerably on the ends due to the length of time between appointments and the need for a trim.

After shampooing off her color, I applied Sexy Hair’s keratin back bar treatment and processed under heat for 5 minutes. This treatment restores the keratin in the hair, which allows the hair to hold the color longer, and reverses some of the damage caused by my client’s busy lifestyle. It only adds $10 to the service, and the results are so worth it!merrhair1

This sweetheart left feeling so much better about herself after a good trim and a blowout, just in time to show off for the holidays! I love it when I can take a bad hair situation and make it better. It’s why I do hair!


My wish for everyone is to have great hair for the holidays! Have you made an appointment yet?

X,O,X,O  Martie