Waves On Wednesday: Halloween!

This will be my first post in my new weekly feature…Waves On Wednesday!  Of course I had to come up with a cute pun for my series, because that’s how it’s done, bruh.

This series will be beauty-related, and I will share anything from what’s trending with hair to some trendy hair I’ve done…and everything in between!  Expect lots of makeup, hair, and crazy flair as we explore together what’s making waves in the beauty world.

Today’s post may not be all about beauty, but there will be lots of makeup!  It’s almost Halloween, which is definitely in my top three favorite holidays.  This year has been a little sad in the Halloween department since we’ve been so busy with everything, so I decided to stroll down memory lane and relive Halloweens past.  So far this year I have a few little decorations in the house (don’t want to scare off perspective buyers, you know), and some cute little sequined pumpkins on my station at the salon.  They aren’t near as cute as these guys from last year…photo 1 (5)remember?  Too bad fresh pumpkins can’t last forever.  The fellas were first published on my post Little Pumpkin Roundup.  Check it out, if you dare!

I’d also like to travel back to this one: We DO Halloween, Baby! (Not For the Squeamish or Faint of Heart).  I had some major fun on Halloween 2012, especially getting to create Ursula!

Hair and Makeup by Martie.

Hair and Makeup by Martie.

I miss you, Lotus!

Here’s a link to last year’s Halloween fun: Halloween 2013.   photo 4 (14) My owl costume was a time-consuming boogar, but I still love that one.

One more: And The Winners Are….Plus Some Cool Makeup.  Because I throw in Halloween makeup ideas wherever I can!

And, because I’m not selfish, I’d like to share one from a fellow blogger who I’ve enjoyed reading over the past several weeks.  Check out how Hayley over at A Stitch to Scratch made her own cute Halloween costume!  I loved it, and it reminds me of my Tragedy Ann costume from 2012!  Great job, Hayley! 🙂

I hope your Halloween is freakishly and fearfully fantastic.  I’m looking forward to more Waves on Wednesdays…hope you’ll stay tuned!



P.S. – I’m way behind on Blogging 201.  I scanned over the topics for the past several days, and I’ve actually been doing some of the tasks already.  Like, creating a recurring feature on the blog (today’s post begins it, duh!) and driving traffic to my archives (again, today’s post, duh!) and linking to social media (duh!).  So, I do need to go back and read the assignments in depth, and I’m sure I have some work to do, but I’m tagging this one anyway.