Waves On Wednesday: Hair Color Trends (Plus Halloween)

It was a low key Halloween at the salon.  That was ok with me, because I had an exhausting week!  I missed last week’s Share Your World post, dang-it!

Here we are, cute as pie.

Kelly McGillis from Top Gun-Shu-Wanda, The Masked Lady-Angel, Cute Elf-Linnie-Pooh, Prom Queen-Martie

Kelly McGillis from Top Gun – Shuh-Wanda, The Masked Lady – Angel, Cute Elf – Linnie-Pooh, Prom Queen – Martie

I was a prom queen, c. 1970, right down to the suntan pantyhose…ew!  What a miserable costume.  I kept having to clip those flowy sleeves with alligator clips so I could shampoo.

Prom Queen, c. 1970

Prom Queen, c. 1970

It was a fun day, and a busy night of sewing for me…I did a craft show Saturday! I’ll tell you about it soon.

Coach and Jimmie took the girls trick-or-treating in Jimmies neighborhood.  We now have enough candy to last until next Halloween! Jimmie says the local kids bring pillow cases because they know a regular old Halloween bag won’t hold their haul.  Pooh and Tigger only trekked through two cul-de-sacs, and couldn’t carry their bags any further! Here’s a sneak peek at Pooh’s costume.shirtshirt1

We totally stole the idea from this kid from 2012:

Gross, but so awesome!

Gross, but so awesome!

Anywho, let’s get down to business!

Waves On Wednesday:  Hair Color Trends!

It’s fall, the leaves are changing, and so is hair color!  In my my chair I’ve seen lots of rich, mocha browns, some beautiful coppery reds, and even some pretty red-browns.  Low-lights are holding their rank as a most-requested service, in addition to highlights, or even with an all-over color.  I’ve had some first-timers getting color this fall, and a die-hard (dye-hard?) blonde considering low-lights in the near future!

That’s what I love about fall…change, change, change!

What do the experts say?

American Salon says vivids!

Behind The Chair is showing off a blonde turned vivid red!

I love this tweet of a stunning transformation by Modern Salon!

These are my picks for the week of what’s worth sharing in the world of haircolor!  Enjoy, and we’ll explore more beauty next week!