Waves On Wednesday: A Different Kind Of Hair

Normally, I am off work on Wednesdays, and I have plenty of time and motivation to bring you an awesome Waves On Wednesday Post.  This is not your typical Wednesday…I have to go to work today, and for some strange reason, that makes me not want to write about hair or anything hair related.   I know, I’m a weirdo.

So guess what? You get a post about random stuff!  There will be some hair involved, but not the human kind.  I’ve been saving a slew of pictures that I wanted to write about, hoping to do a weekend sneak-in post, but it looks like today’s the day.  I have to work, so no hair tidbits for you!

My first random is something that is not very unusual in the Deep South, and I wanted to share it.  If you’re familiar with doing business in the Deep South, especially in farm stores and the like, then this won’t come as a surprise to you.  Madre and I went to a small town in a neighboring county (we can shop their Walmart without having to do the ‘duck-n-run’ to avoid chit-chat), and we ended up stopping in at their feed store so Madre could stock up on horse feed.  This was our first greeter.  IMG_6317

Y’all, I don’t even like cats, but this one was just too cool.  Fat, lazy, and unconcerned…the perfect cat!  The only movement I got out of this one was to hide her face when I started snapping pictures! catsleep2 Fat, lazy, unconcerned, and shy.  Or maybe she just couldn’t be bothered, like I was Paparazzi or something.

The store-owner was amused by my picture taking, so he invited me into a little room to meet this one. IMG_6321 Look at how he waved at me when I came in!  Then he dropped his paw real quick, like “I don’t know you!” and tried to act smooth. IMG_6322This one was much friendlier, and started putting on a little ‘cat-walk’ show (snort!) for me around the feed store. IMG_6324 He sashayed around the store showing me stuff, like all of their empty shelves, until he got bored.  IMG_6323

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am an animal lover.  I don’t love to own all animals, but I appreciate most of them.  Coach and I went on a short weekend trip for our anniversary a couple of weekends ago, and these are the pics I came home with (plus the pretty duck and sunrise from that other post).


Can you see the cute little birdie head? Right by the grass! :)

Can you see the cute little birdie head? Right by the grass! 🙂

 I love to watch animals in action, especially when they’re action is entertaining.  A fat, lazy cat cracks me up. Beautiful ducks and blue herons make me smile.

My new rabbit, Licorice, melts my heart.licorice1

My dogs, Rock and Roll, still melt my heart, too.  They desperately want to eat meet Licorice, but I just can’t let that happen.  So, I’ve had to give them some extra attention, lately.  I’ve also fallen in love with Madre’s dog, Lucy, who is the black fuzzy one.  We had a smooch-fest in the back yard the other day.  Here’s the evidence. IMG_6287




I guess there was no shortage of hair in this post, but definitely nothing educational or trend-setting.  If you’re an animal lover like me, I’m sure the diversion was enjoyable.  For everyone else, please forgive me, and when my work schedule goes back to normal, so will my Waves On Wednesday posts!

Have you hugged (and kissed) your pet today?

Happy Humps Day!

X,O,X,O,   Martie