Three Food Blogs I Love

Reading other blogs is a favorite pastime for me.  So is cooking.  It stands to reason that I would have a thing for food blogs! Since this is Thanksgiving week, and I ‘ll be doing a lot of cooking, I decided to share three food blogs I love with you today.  And, to let you know I’ll be kind of scarce for the rest of the week.  This week is a time to be thankful, be with family, and, of course, eat until it’s hard to tell if we’re walking or rolling!  But first, I must plan, and cook!

My absolute favorite food blog at the moment is called Syrup & Biscuits.  Jackie Garvin, the blog’s author, lives in Florida, but grew up in Alabama.  She has that Deep South cooking-logic going on!  I recently tried her recipe for Apple Cider Braised Pulled Pork, and it was a huge hit at my house.  pulled porkIt was tender, juicy, and gone too quickly!  We had it the first night just pulled, with my potato salad and a delicious corn salad that I just sort of threw together.  The next night, we piled the leftovers on buns and I did add the spicy jalapenos to mine!  By the third time (I bought a pretty large Boston Butt), we were ready to mix it up a bit, so I added some Sweet Baby Ray’s Sauce to the meat while heating it on the stove top, and we piled it on buns again!  It was delicious all three ways, but Jackie’s way was definitely the best! If you’re behind on your planning and need some ideas for Thanksgiving, check out one of her recent posts: Three Southern Thanksgiving Menus!  I must try that cajun ham sometime!!  This is a food blog you just can’t go wrong with!

Another great food blog that I go to often is called Six Sisters Stuff, and this one is just full of good recipes!  It would take days to go through all of the recipes on this blog, but it would be fun to do!  All of the recipes are indexed, with pictures, for your browsing enjoyment.  Here’s something I made from the blog recently: Baked Red Potato Wedges  reminded my family of a healthier version of what we call “Jo-Jo Taters”.  Baked-Red-Potato-Wedges-Recipe-SixSistersStuff1-700x1050Jo-Jo’s are found at convenience markets, usually, and are basically breaded and fried potato wedges.  We love those greasy suckers, but this baked version was pretty awesome!  I didn’t throw any away, that’s for sure!  Check out the Six Sisters, if you haven’t already.

A food blog that I discovered just recently is The Cookie Rookie.  The only thing I’ve tried, so far, from this blog is Easy Spicy White Chicken Chili.  spicy-white-chicken-chili-featureI’ve already made this recipe twice since I pinned it on Pinterest, and it has quickly become Tigger’s favorite dinner!  She and I share a love of spicy foods, although I held down on the spice a little bit when I made it for my family.  Tigger did not add the raw pepper slices to her bowl, but I sure did!  This chili is freakin’ delicious, so you must try it!  I look forward to digging deeper into this great food blog and trying more of the recipes soon!  Her blog is so well-organized, and she even does some meal-planning posts for her readers!  I’m going to browse Weekly Meal Plan #19 as soon as I hit publish on this post!

Now that I’ve gotten you all hungry, you’ll be primed and ready for preparing your Thanksgiving meals!  I’m making my cornbread today for the dressing, and heading to the grocery store for more cheese (since we keep eating what I buy for Thanksgiving), and some easy supper items for the next couple of days.  It’s ok to eat frozen pizza and sandwiches when you’re trying to prepare for a huge Thanksgiving meal, right?  The kids are out of school all week, so I’ll need to stock up on lunch fare, too.  What are you doing to prepare for this Thanksgiving holiday (besides killing precious time checking out these food blogs)?  Planning is half the fun! Please leave me a comment and tell me what your absolute favorite  Thanksgiving dish is, or what you hate doing the most, or what blogs you go to when preparing, or something about your Thanksgiving!  I love to connect with others about food, family, and fun memories, especially at Thanksgiving!

And, have a super-happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day!


X,O,X,O,   Martie