Porch Floor, and Pictures of Spring

The Porch Floor

The porch floor is finishedporch floor


porch floor 3

It’s doggie-ready.

It’s perfect.  I just love the look of it, and there’s no more squishy, dirty carpet to deal with. Who’d have ever thought that fixing the porch floor could bring so much joy?  Coach and the girls worked hard on it, and I even pitched in towards the end to help finish up some difficult areas.  If a flooring expert came in and inspected it, “perfect” may not be the word he or she would use to describe it, but we love it, and that’s all that matters.

Spring Break

It was a very wonderful, memorable spring break for Coach, Pooh, Tigger, and even me.  I got very little work done, but one of the biggest reasons I decided to start working from home was to have time to spend with my family on their school breaks. Aside from replacing the porch floor, we took a day for shopping and just being out-and-about, had three lovely church services (Palm Sunday, a Good Friday service, and Easter), and spent time with extended family.  Coach and I enjoyed our 17th wedding anniversary yesterday, and will celebrate it next weekend with a date-night (thanks to Jimmie).  I’d say happiness reigns in our household right now.

Pictures of Spring

I’ve also taken extra time to play with my camera. Yes, I took tons of pictures of the porch floor, but that got boring. There is so much beauty around us here in the Deep South, and I’m absolutely addicted to capturing it all in pictures lately…especially pictures of spring.  Springtime provides plenty of photographable scenery, like this lone cherry blossom.

cherry blossom

The big, beautiful Bradford Pear tree was in full bloom earlier in the week, but it’s lost most of its blooms with the big March winds and a few showers.  Bradford PearThat tree has been there since long before I came to Big Creek as a child, and has been struck by lightning a few times, causing its odd shape.  I just love it. Bradford Pears aren’t known for their strength and resiliency, so it’s a pretty amazing tree.  Now it’s covering our whole place in “pear tree snow”.

It seems like every sunset gets prettier over the ridge, and each one is a little different than the last.

sunset 2

bright sunset

I’ve captured it from every angle, even reflecting on Big Creek, sunset on big creek

sunset on fence

and on the long stretch of black picket fence down the road.


Our huge, sprawling Dogwood tree is finally starting to burst with color.

Dogwood blooms


I’m glad it waited, though, since we’ve had a few below-freezing nights.

Now that the porch floor is clean, easy to sweep, and no longer smells like wet dog, I can enjoy my time outside so much more, and take lots more pictures of my beautiful surroundings!

Daddy-O, the professional photographer, called to compliment my pictures the other day!  It thrilled me to my soul.  He’s starting his own website/blog, which I’m super-excited about, and will be sharing the link to as soon as he gets it up and running.  You’ll like his straight-to-the-point style, and you’ll love his photography.  I can’t wait!  My Daddy-O is quite the artist.

Tell me what you’ve been up to!  Has your spring been as magnificent as ours has?  I love to hear from my readers, and anything you want to share in the comments is something I’d love to read.  Photography tips?  Your favorite springtime activities?  Leave them here, and I promise to reply! I’m so glad you took the time to check out my pictures of spring, and I crave your comments like a tadpole craves a puddle!

Now, promise me you’ll get out there and enjoy spring!  New beginnings are the best. I’m heading outside to admire my porch floor a little more!

X,O,X,O,   Martie

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