The Forbidden Language: Whinese!

Lately I’ve been speaking my own forbidden language: Whinese!

I don’t speak “Whinese”.  I’ve told my children this since they were big enough to whine, and they know that whining is absolutely not the way to get what they want with me.  I have always been adamant about it, and they have learned how ineffective it is.

Apparently, I forgot myself.

If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times, “You will regret living in your house while you remodel!”  I can’t say I regret it, but it’s been extremely difficult and stressful, causing me to whine, at times.

“If your marriage survives living in a remodel, then you really have something special!”  Well, me must have something special, because not once have I thought of divorcing Coach, beating him in his sleep, or any other cruel intent.  I still love him, and he may even still have some fondness for me, in spite of the amount of whining I’ve been doing.

Yes, my dining room still looks the same.  IMG_7924

Yes, we are still waiting for floor stain.  sun room

As an added bonus, my sewing machine is on the fritz, and has been at The Slowest Repair Shop In The World for three weeks now.  I pulled out my Grandmother’s Singer and played around with it for a bit, but it started skipping stitches and getting grease all over my thread, causing me to whine.  I’m not an expert at sewing machines, so I just set it aside, for fear that I would mess it up, too.

But, enough with the negatives!  I have no room for all of that whining right now…I want to share our joys!  You want to read our joys, right?  NOT a bunch of whining and complaining…ain’t nobody got time for that Whinese, and I’m sure there is no Whinese-to-English translator on the web!

Happy Stuff:

  1. The bathroom vanity is in!  *Disclaimer: Please do not quit following until you see the real after of this hideous bathroom…we have big plans!




  2. Etsy is picking up!  I’ve been shipping out orders on a regular basis, even with my stock low!
  3. Coach filled in all of our mouse holes!  Well, he filled in the ones we knew about.  Now we can monitor the situation and see if we missed anything.  NO MORE RODENTS TRYING TO LIVE WITH US!
  4. Daddy-O and Jiji came for a visit!  (That link takes you back to my very first blog post!) They stayed with Jimmie this time, since we had nowhere for them to sleep, but they did make it for Pooh’s first home game in the marching band.  The first halftime show was AWESOME, and Pooh did AWESOME, and the having of the grandparents there was AWESOME!

    Photo by Amy Roberts

    Photo by Amy Roberts

  5. A good friend loaned me her brand-new, never-been-used, sewing machine for the weekend!
    A borrowed Brother

    A borrowed Brother

    It took me all weekend to figure it out, but that has given me the confidence to get Grandmother’s Singer back out and make it work for me.  Sometimes I just need a gentle nudge.

  6. We’ve been collecting six or seven fresh country eggs a day from our new hens!  I showed you Grayson the Posing Hen last week, but there are 11 more where she came from.  chickensCoach and Madre went to the 4-H chicken auction at the county fair three weeks ago and bought twelve fat hens,  and now we’ll never have to eat watery, puny store-bought eggs again (unless the sweet gals take a break in production, which hens sometimes do).

See there?  Even in the midst of chaos and clutter, busy schedules, and broken sewing machines, there is plenty to be thankful for!  The house will eventually be finished, The Slowest Repair Shop In The World will eventually call, and life will go on….I’m looking very forward to all of it!

Here’s to you, and to having an amazing Monday!  Feel free to share your joys in the comments, or even some good ‘ol Whinese!  I love to hear from my readers,  and normally, I don’t speak Whinese…but today I’ll make an exception.   I’ve whined quite a bit lately, so your whining might actually make me feel a little better about myself!  Sometimes you just have to let it out!  Take this as a one day pass to speak Whinese on A Hair In My Biscuit…just don’t forget to be thankful, too!  There is always a silver lining!

X,O,X,O,   Martie