The Day That the Lord Has Made

This day, Monday, is just as much the day that the Lord has made as Sunday.

I hear this verse (Psalms 118:24), or read it, mostly on Sundays.  I understand it coming to mind on Sundays, because it’s a day of worship for us Christians, and the Lord is in the forefront of our minds.  I try to keep Him in the forefront of my mind everyday, but there are days when I slip.  I get caught up in worries and woes and forget to spend my morning in prayer, close to my Lord.  I haven’t forgotten today.

The Lord made Saturday, which is the day that my sweet, loyal dog, Rock, came home.

My smiley-pie.

My smiley-pie.

This was a miracle, and nothing can keep me from believing that.  He went missing on Wednesday, and I didn’t sleep, or do anything but grieve, for 4 days.  He was found over 5 miles away in a very rural area, and he’s shy with strangers, so he was pretty much on his own.  He was actually found by a friend, someone who had been to our home and been friendly with him in the past (as much as he and Roll would allow). He wouldn’t let her touch him, but he laid by her feet on the side of the road until we could get to him.  Thank you, Lord.

The Lord made Wednesday, as well, which is the day we settled up with the contractor and declared the outside repairs on our home FINISHED!  We have the task of painting our newly revamped ‘sunroom’ and staining all the trim,

Those edges are tricky...we're moving slowly.

Those edges are tricky…we’re moving slowly.

which is daunting, but, hey, we got nothing but time (on the weekends).  It would’ve been so much easier to paint the room and stain the trim before all the trim was nailed up and sealed in.

We're dreading the ceiling and molding...

We’re dreading the ceiling and molding…

We are  still debating on the flooring – I want to stain the concrete.  Even if we did put down vinyl flooring or laminate, we’d still have rugs down for warmth, so I don’t see a reason not to stain it.  I know concrete is cold, but stained concrete is so beautiful, and once we glue down vinyl or any other flooring, that concrete is ruined.  I think I may have finally convinced Coach!

Have you seen stained concrete?  I had a small building at our old house that was once my little hair salon.  We had a concrete pad poured for the foundation of this building, which was probably a mistake, but you live and learn.  The contractor who finished out the building for me had done a lot of concrete staining, and he suggested it to me as an alternative to vinyl flooring.  He cut a me great deal on staining my little 16’x16′ floor, and I agreed that anyone he wanted to send out to show it off to would be welcomed.  I loved it so much.  IMG_5145He etched a pretty design into the concrete first, then used some type of acid to make it spider like that.  When the stain goes down, it just does beautiful things. My photography doesn’t do beautiful things, but this picture was taken 3 years ago, and I can’t really re-do it since we don’t live there anymore.

What do you think?  The concrete floor is not in perfect shape,IMG_7758 but I wouldn’t mind if it’s flawed.  I think flaws add character.

There are lots of colors to choose from, but I know we’ll go with something neutral, and likely something similar to the color I had above. If we hate it stained (which we won’t), we can always put something else down.  If we hate the other flooring, staining would no longer be an option.  I have to call my guy today, and see what we can do!

Photo swiped from Creative Concrete Design, LLC.  Some colors available for staining concrete.

Photo swiped from Creative Concrete Design, LLC.  These are some colors available for staining concrete.


The Lord definitely made today, and today I hope to get a lot accomplished.  I hope you all feel as blessed as I do today.  Sure, it’s a rainy Monday, but the Lord made rainy Mondays, and I’m going to rejoice, and be glad in it.  I’ll leave you with a sweet photo gallery of my amazing dogs, which is one of my many reasons to thank the Lord for this day.



X,O,X,O,   Martie