The Adventures of Rock and Roll

We had quite an adventure several weekends ago. Madre went on a quick trip to Texas, and while she was away, we loaded up the hairy beasts, and took them out to the future homestead (Madre’s house) for an overnight visit. This is part one in what will hopefully be a series of the adventures of Rock and Roll, the best dogs on the planet, and the kings of the hill.

Rock and Roll had not been off of our property, or in a vehicle at all, in about four years. They are contained by a wireless fence system.  This should tell you that the adventures of Rock and Roll up to this point have been pretty boring.

the adventures of Rock and Roll

Collars with recievers. They give ’em a little zap if they try to go outside their boundaries…including in the road!

They have very clear boundaries and are very happy inside them. Our little road trip was a definite adventure. Coach’s truck has a slick bed liner, and there is no place to securely attach the dogs; plus, we needed the truck to haul all of his mowers, weed eaters, blowers, chainsaws, and various other instruments of destruction. As you can imagine, getting the dogs into TheMinivanWithAPlan was challenging…then we had the 20 minute drive. With Coach driving the truck, we appointed the girls to dog patrol in the back seat of TMWAP (TheMiniVanWithAPlan, keep up). Pooh and Tigger wrangled those dogs tirelessly all the way there. I could tell by their red faces, hair-coated clothing, and the beads of sweat on their brows that it was not a fun trip.

The Adventures of Rock and Roll

The fellas did…ok…at Big Creek. They learned their boundaries quickly, and we can turn the range on their collars all the way up for them out there. They explored everything freely, and peed in numerous places a bunch of times. They panted a lot, and drooled a lot, and didn’t eat much, but I think they fared ok. The adventures of Rock and Roll do not end here, though. They got introduced to Madre’s ancient gray cat, Sonic.

the adventures of Rock and Roll


Rock and Roll had never seen a cat before. Sonic did not fare as well as the boys did during our visit. He didn’t appreciate these two beastly mongrels barking at him and chasing him. He promptly ran up a tree, which shocked me since he won’t jump up on the four-foot counter where his food dish lives anymore,

the adventures of Rock and Roll

Sonic, in his dining room.

and insists on being picked up and placed there. Coach spent a great amount of time coaxing him out of a really high limb, but he finally flipped and flopped his way down, landing on his feet, as cats do. We didn’t see him again until late the next evening, and he was hanging out shakily in the barn loft. I guess he didn’t realize we had removed the predators several hours earlier.

We took the boys back home around 11:00 the next morning, and went to fetch their Aunt Lucy (Madre’s dog). The adventures of Rock and Roll had to be cut a little short. Their nervousness was making me feel sorry for them, and I think they just wanted to go home. They looked grateful when we got them there. The ride there was not pleasant for Coach, who opted to ride in the back of TMWAP with them and give the girls a break. Apparently, nervousness gives the boys gas….

After we got them home, they relaxed quickly.

the adventures of Rock and Roll

Just chillin’…

I spent over $2 at the $1 vacuum the next and subsequent next day. I’ve never seen so much dog hair in all of my life! We have to find a way to haul them in the truck….that’s just all there is to it.  And hopefully, they’ll relax at Big Creek….eventually.

Please join me again for the adventures of Rock and Roll!

X,O,X,O,   Martie