Tequila Lime Chicken

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Tequila and Lime go together like peas and carrots, right? I’d rather have tequila and lime over peas and carrots any day.  If you try this amazing tequila lime chicken, you’ll agree, and you’ll hold the peas and carrots!

Unless you’re making a delicious taco salad with the tequila lime chicken like we did, in which case you might want peas and carrots.  I went with tomatoes and avocado, but to each his own!

tequila lime chicken

I mentioned that we celebrated Jimmie’s birthday last week, right?  That was the best birthday party I’ve attended in ages, and I was the hostess!  Jimmie is my slightly older sister, and she’s my best best bestie (the one who did this for my birthday), so I had to pull out all the stops.  Plus, she brought friends!  Woney, Nurse Bananahammock, and Squash all flew in from their respective states of residence to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Jimmie’s 29th birthday, and they all came to spend a day at Big Creek. Good food was a must!

tequila lime chicken

Jimmie and her friends during a land excursion on their last cruise.


Tequila Lime Chicken

Coach and I teamed up for this meal.  I marinated the chicken breasts in my heavenly tequila lime mixture, and Coach grilled them up for us to make loaded taco salads.

tequila lime chicken

I prepared a salad bar of epic proportions so no one had to pick out things they hate, and everyone could feel good about the amount of veggies on our plates. I’m talking fresh lettuce from Madre’s garden, black beans, marinated corn (toss a can of drained shoepeg corn with some lime juice, salt and pepper, and chopped cilanro), heirloom tomatoes…well, heck, just look!

tequila lime chicken

I served the salads with a spicy ranch dressing (made from the envelope), and this delicious, refreshing creamy avocado citrus dressing I found on Dishin & Dishes via Pinterest. Good stuff! Pay them a visit and give it a try! Those crispy little tortilla strips added the perfect crunch to the salad.

Of course, this meal was followed by the blueberry ice cream and delicious birthday cake I showed you last week, so it wasn’t all figure friendly.  No one seemed to mind…the meal was a hit!

The Birthday Party

We didn’t just eat, I can assure you.  Jimmie and friends hung out at the creek with us, and most of us took a swim. Campfire juice was blended and consumed. I even broke out the guitar and did a jam sesh, which I haven’t done for a human audience in ages!  It was just the best day, y’all. Birthday parties rock!

If you make this amazing tequila lime chicken, don’t use up all the tequila in your cooking.  Campfire juice was a lovely accompaniment, but my Snowless Snow Day Margaritas would definitely pair well with this meal.  We also had chips with queso dip and homemade salsa, which goes down marvelously with a margarita, as well.

The best part about this meal was that I was able to do most everything ahead of time.  Coach actually grilled the chicken on Friday, and I served it cold on Saturday.  I prepped most of my vegetables the day before, as well (tomatoes and avocados need to be prepared right before serving). Talk about a time saver!  I didn’t have to spend all the party time in the kitchen cooking!

tequila lime chicken

Don’t you just love birthdays?  I especially love Jimmie’s birthday, because she goes from being one age unit older than me to two. That’s always nice.  Heehee!  The best treat for me was getting to finally meet Jimmie’s amazing travel friends, Nurse Bananahammock and Squash (I already knew and loved Woney). Now I have some new friends, too!

Happy Birthday Month, Jimmie!  We heart you very much!

X,O,X,O,   Martie

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