Tease it to Jesus | An Epic Comeback

Tease it to Jesus

You know what they say; the higher the hair, the closer to God!

I’m not really in that camp anymore, but I do have naturally big hair…only nowadays, you can actually run your fingers through it. My hair is no longer a venus fly trap, praise the Lord.

I just had to make an epic comeback here on A Hair in My Biscuit, so I’m sharing this monstrosity with you all from 1992. I definitely knew how to tease it Jesus!

Tease it to Jesus

I remember this day well. It was my senior year in high school, and I woke up early because it was spring picture day! I know it was spring picture day because on fall picture day I didn’t have to sit for the camera. I already had my senior pictures! Well, that and I’m pretty sure we didn’t have fall pictures taken in front of hot pink laser beams.

Anywho, I woke up early because I knew I would need a few extra minutes to spend on my hair, because let’s face it, the hair was the most important part of the entire look. A close second was the perfect ring of kohl eyeliner around those pretty green eyes…getting that “two pee-holes in the snow” look took time!

Nevermind that I am wearing a shirt that looks like one of my grandmother’s pillowcases from 1976. That’s irrelevant. My hair looked good, darn it, and that’s all that really mattered!

How do I not have emphysema from breathing the gallons of hairspray that I used on a daily basis? How did I ever get that nest clean? I’m pretty sure I never brushed it, because brushing it would make it frizzy. I mean, I didn’t spend 5 hours of my life getting a perm and suffer neck pain from the shampoo bowl just to have frizzy hair! I didn’t walk around smelling like rotten eggs for a week just to look like an alpaca…did I?

Why does this photo still exist?

Well, it exists because I went to visit Daddy-O and JiJi in June, and this photo greeted me upon my arrival. It was on their kitchen table, in all of its 8 X 10 glory. I got so choked with hilarity I nearly passed out. “Let me guess…you’re looking for the perfect frame?” I asked between my wheezy fits of laughter.

No, no, they weren’t looking for a frame. They thought I might like to take it home with me. In other words, they really wanted this hideous picture out of their house. I can’t understand why, because the backdrop alone would accent anyone’s home decor so nicely!

I’ve Missed You!!

I saw one of my favorite high school teachers last week, and he asked me why he hasn’t been getting notifications from A Hair In My Biscuit anymore. I sheepishly replied that it’s because A Hair In My Biscuit has had nothing to notify him about. I mean, there have been plenty of blogortunites, but I haven’t taken advantage of any of them for the last 9 months! I am officially breaking my streak! Martie is back, and I’m back with a rat’s nest of permed hair and a blouse dotted with brown flowers.

Have you ever seen a brown flower? Yeah, me either.

On further reflection, I wondered why on earth this teacher would even like me. How does a smart, seasoned educator have fond memories of a smart-mouthed, defiant, woolly-headed teenage girl? I mean, I did get myself kicked out of his physics class one time. True story! But, then I remembered that he also has two daughters, about my age, who probably had similar hairstyles. They knew how to tease it to Jesus, too.  He’s been broken in. He understands. He had lived long enough, even back then, to know that someday we wouldn’t all look like we stuck our fingers in light sockets. (Hey Mr. C! :))

more to come!

I know, I’ve said it before…but I really am going to try to get back into the swing of things and blog more. I have a lot going on in my life and I love every bit of it! A lot has changed since I started blogging back in 2013, but as you all know, the only constant is change. I intend to get you all caught up very soon!

I’ll start with a little Big Creek Farmhouse Remodel update, so be on the lookout for that. We are just absolutely loving our home and this little piece of the earth that God is loaning us while we’re here. I know it’s not even close to Heaven, but it’s our heaven on earth.

Big Creek bridge

Be back soon!

X,O,X,O   Martie