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Can’t Go Home Again: The Final Chapter

This is the chilling final page of my haunted Halloween stories… I hope you’re not home alone! To get caught up, you can click the links and read Can’t Go Home Again and Can’t Go Home Again, Part II.  If you can handle a creepy Halloween story, read on! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Her legs felt like Jell-O, but she […]

Scary and Creepy Halloween: Can’t Go Home Again, Part II

In an effort to help you have a scary and creepy Halloween, I’m trying my hand at some spooky fiction. This is the second installment of my first attempt at a creepy Halloween story, Can’t Go Home Again.  Click here for Part I, because you might want to read the beginning first!  Beware, and enjoy… ________________________________________________________________________________________ […]

Creepy Halloween Story: Can’t Go Home Again

It’s the Halloween season!  I hope you like a good creepy Halloween story, because this one has been brewing in my head for a while.  Grab some coffee, settle in, and prepare for some mysterious, fictitious prose…A Hair In My Biscuit has temporarily turned HAIR-RIFIC!   So, she had been warned.  At this point, she […]