home improvements

New Year, New Bathroom, New Hall!

Happy New Year! I got a new bathroom!  Ok, not really new, just a painted one. I got a new hall!  Ok, not really new, just a painted one.  But still!  Isn’t it exciting? I’m a day late posting, but in the middle of my attempt to blog yesterday, Madre called with alarming news.  My […]

A Big Creek Summer With Home Improvements

Summer is in full swing here at Big Creek!  I’ve gotten through my biggest wedding of the season, and I have one more week to work before my vacation starts.  Do you know what that’s got me thinking of?  My awesome Brother Bear and his family are coming to visit again this year for the […]

Big Creek: One Little Improvement At A Time

I had the best day off a few weeks ago.  It was 19 degrees outside (that was the high), and these amazing fellas came over and got started on our tree removal.  We had to get rid of some, as I explained here some months ago.  It was the most fascinating thing I’ve ever watched! […]