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haircuts and head lice

Haircuts and Head Lice? NOPE!

Haircuts and Head Lice? NOPE! Did you know that head lice is easily spread from person to person? This is why haircuts and head lice do not mix! I’m sure many of you are saying, “well, duh, Martie”, but you’d be surprised at the large percentage of people who don’t seem to be aware of […]

Monday Catch-You-Up: Big Creek & Handmade

I already showed you how amazing Coach was during his Spring Break, and how he transformed our shop buildings right before my eyes.  Well folks, that’s not all.  He is unstoppable once he gets on a roll, and I may be showing off for weeks to come from that one week that Coach was off! […]

summertime hair

Summertime Hair

Summertime Hair The Deep South is not letting me down with its crazy weather patterns! It’s only March, the month that began with ice and snow, and now it’s feeling more and more like summer is here. I’m spending a lot more time outdoors than I am in, my toes are polished and flip-flop ready, […]