Behind The Chair

Making a Change

This is my last WaVeS oN wEdNeSdAy. Why?  At the end of October, I am making a change, and “retiring” from my 18-year career in the beauty industry.   Since I was around 10 or 11 years old, my dream was to become a hairstylist.  I expressed this desire to Madre numerous times over the years, and […]

Salon Retail in Small Town America

As you can imagine, I love to follow beauty industry-related magazines on Facebook and Twitter. I love to see new ideas for hair color, follow what’s trending for cuts, and I also love the occasional controversial article or Q & A about my line of work. I recently read an article about selling retail that […]

Waves On Wednesday: Hair Color Trends (Plus Halloween)

It was a low key Halloween at the salon.  That was ok with me, because I had an exhausting week!  I missed last week’s Share Your World post, dang-it! Here we are, cute as pie. I was a prom queen, c. 1970, right down to the suntan pantyhose…ew!  What a miserable costume.  I kept having […]