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The Forbidden Language: Whinese!

Lately I’ve been speaking my own forbidden language: Whinese! I don’t speak “Whinese”.  I’ve told my children this since they were big enough to whine, and they know that whining is absolutely not the way to get what they want with me.  I have always been adamant about it, and they have learned how ineffective […]

The Crazy-House Blues

The Crazy House Blues: {Bum-Bow-dow-bum-bum  bum-bum bum-bum}…(you know, a blues riff…) This house is a messsss… {Bum-Bow-dow-bum-bum  bum-bum bum-bum} It’s causin’ all my stress! {Bum-Bow-dow-bum-bum  bum-bum bum-bum} Nothin’s in its place… {Bum-Bow-dow-bum-bum  bum-bum bum-bum} Tears runnin’ down my face! Ok, not really.  Sure, I shed some tears last week, but I think I’ll manage to […]