Summertime Hair

Summertime Hair

The Deep South is not letting me down with its crazy weather patterns! It’s only March, the month that began with ice and snow, and now it’s feeling more and more like summer is here. I’m spending a lot more time outdoors than I am in, my toes are polished and flip-flop ready, and supper time is getting later and later with the onset of longer days. I’m here today to share some summertime hair tips with you, to help you keep your tresses healthy and happy all summer long!

Last week I was a little bit of a complainer about my hair, but I’m feeling much better this week. I made a haircut appointment for myself, so I should be feeling even better about my hair by this time next week. I’m not planning on anything drastic, but I can’t wait for it to feel just a little lighter. Believe it or not, after last week’s post I started to feel bad for how lazy I am with my hair, and I have actually taken the time to style my hair a few times since then. Of course, I wouldn’t dare think to take any pictures of my cute hairstyles, duh!! Besides, I’m ready for summer, and I want to wait and show off my summertime hair after my appointment.

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Summertime Hair Recommendations

Do you need a hair change in spring and summer? We like to lovingly refer to this time of year as ‘highlight season’, because the foils are flying once the temps go up and the sun comes out! Everyone seems to be after a new look, and there’s lots of hair in the floor around the salon these days.

My recommendations for summertime hair are as follows:

1) Your hair needs protection from the sun, too, especially if you have color! The sun is fantastic; I’m sure we’ll all agree, but it’s damage is farther reaching than just your skin. The sun’s powerful rays can fade that expensive color right off of your hair, and so can the tanning booth, for that matter. Plus, the sun, wind, or even salty air at your favorite beach can be very drying and damaging. Wrap that head in an old-lady-turban if you have to, especially if you like to tan in a tanning booth.

My favorite summer hair weapon to protect my hair from the sun is this Redken Color Extend Total Recharge. Naturally, Redken decided to discontinue this amazing product (why do they do this to us?), but you can still find it on Amazon. Unfortunately, the price is all jacked up since you can’t seem to find it anywhere else! I’ve linked the name of the product and the image to the lowest priced offering I could find. Trust me, this stuff is worth it!
450This is a leave-in spray made by Redken, one of my favorite professional hair care lines, and I use it before every sun-soaked adventure. It will protect your color, and your hair, from that glorious ball of fire in the sky (or the tanning booth)! Condition your hair each time you shampoo, even if it’s just a light rinse. Your hair will thank you, and so will your stylist! Your upcoming fall changes won’t be so hard to achieve if you care for your hair all summer long!

2) Don’t skip your regular salon appointments!

An empty chair is a lonely chair...

An empty chair is a lonely chair…

It’s so easy to neglect your hair during the season of weekend swimming parties, vacations, or hours on a ball field with your kids, but I don’t recommend it! Missing a highlight or a cut could cost you more time and money on your next visit, and could even result in having to get a shorter cut to rid those ends of summer damage. Summertime hair needs more pampering! Plus, your stylist will miss you if you don’t visit!

3) Use ponytail holders that are metal-free, and preferably those neat little elastics like this:

elastic hair ties

These are in the shop Lilie’sLondon on Etsy for just $3.95. With this soft cloth elastics, you’ll save your hair from a lot of unnecessary stress and breakage! We all know that pulling our hair up during the hot months is mandatory, but seldom think about what all that twisting and binding does to our hair!

4) If you have long, thick hair like mine, don’t make it a habit to wad it up while it’s still damp. We live in a very humid area, and the added moisture can actually cause your hair to sour and stink! I’m not always an advocate for lots of blow-drying, especially in the summer when sun and salt can be so drying to your hair, but at least let your hair air-dry before you create that glamorous up-do! Also, it will help prevent unnecessary tangles; remember this? (Do you guys think this tip is for you? Oh, I’m sorry, this one was for me! Maybe I’ll read this, and the linked post, again in July, just so I don’t forget!)

Now that you’re armed with all the info needed to have fabulous summertime hair, go forth and tan those buns! With sunscreen applied, of course!

Happy swimming!

X,O,X,O, Martie