Star Student

Today is the last posted assignment for Blogging 101.  I’m to create an editorial calendar, which is just a calendar of when I’m going to post and what I’m going to write about.  Also, I’m going to be heading out into the student body and doling out some congratulations for a job well done!  I have a feeling there are way more folks in my class than I have been able to connect with, and I’m going to try to do some good reading over the next few days (I’m off work until Thursday…yippee!!)

I haven’t started on Friday’s assignment yet, but I’m excited about adding a regular feature to my blog.  I just have to decide what that feature is going to be!  I have several ideas knocking around in this brain of mine, but I keep hedging on making a decision.  I don’t want to get myself into something I can’t keep up with, so I’m going to take a few days to decide.

I have to say, the interaction with other ‘students’ was my favorite part of this whole experience. I’ve made some friends that I hope to keep, and found some blogs that I will love reading on regular basis.  I didn’t use The Commons at all, but that was mainly because I didn’t have time.  It was all I could do some days to get the assignments done, read everyone else’s posts, and socialize (because lets face it, I never took a class that I didn’t socialize in).  I’ll probably snoop around The Commons a little bit as well, just to see if anyone shared any useful information that I might have missed.

I’m not ready for Blogging 201 yet.  My family has been busier than a switch engine for the past couple of months, and everything seems to be winding down at once.  I decided to participate in this course right in the midst of Coach’s soccer season, Pooh’s softball season, Pooh and Tigger’s Scout troops kicking back up for the school year (meetings!), plus working full time and caring for two houses!  Now that soccer and softball are nearing the end, I think I will take a much needed break from optional classes.  The family is on fall break from school, I’ve taken a few days off work, and today we are loading up and going out for some Columbus Day sales!  Yippee!

Thanks to all of my readers for enduring this class with me!  I hope it has been entertaining for you all, and you can expect bigger and better things from this blog now that I have a better edu-macation!  I have some drafts completed, some drawings I’m planning to share soon, and some great ideas in the bank!

And, just so I don’t leave you all hanging, I thought I would share my version of the sweet, 70’s updo recreation I did on Friday… photo 4 (5)This gorgeous thing was singing Tammy Wynette in the production of Hee Haw at our local theater.

You may be referencing back to the pic of Raquelraquel to compare, but we decided not to leave all those hanging curls so her ‘do would hold up for Friday and Saturday nights.Margie



We also decided that my client was actually the love child of Tammy and Willie Nelson – The Red-Headed ‘Sanger’! [chuckle, snort!] Guess what?  This ‘do lasted through the two performances, and church on Sunday!  Yay!

I’m still participating in the Share Your World event, so expect another Q&A post this week!