SPRING! And Our Old House Restoration

SPRING! And Our Old House Restoration

If you’ve never taken on an old house restoration, you’re really missing out. Chances are most of you have been involved in some form of remodeling, building, or just repair to your property, so I know you’ll relate to this post, even if your house is brand new. Dealing with contractors and handy-men is just one of the joys of life, isn’t it?

Honestly, it can be…once you find the right one. And the beautiful weather really has my spirits lifted, giving me a sense of hope that our perfect person is coming. There has to be someone, somewhere out there, who will help us make Big Creek the beauty she once was. Right?

old house restoration


I don’t know about you folks, but I was in hog heaven yesterday with an abundance of sunshine, 70-degree temperatures, and my flip-flops on my feet! I hope Spring has visited you all. This weather has me thinking of grilling out (which we did last night), pickin’ on the porch (which I did last night), and swimming in the creek (which we won’t be doing until it’s at least 90 degrees outside…brrrr)! I even did some spring cleaning inside, while Coach did some serious cleaning outside!

The old place is looking better and better. Coach decided to pressure clean those old, funky shop buildings yesterday, removing all of the green mold and tearing down any trim that had rotted. This was a pretty vital part of our landscape spring clean up, and I’m thrilled with the results! I have a feeling by the end of this week, since he and the girls are on Spring Break, those shops will be ready for a pretty serious ‘after’ picture!

pressure clean

I’ve had a couple of long-time friends mention how much different the house and property look just with the tree removal, and a neighbor commented to Coach yesterday that it looks different and better each time he looks up here. Those kinds of comments are what he needed to hear, and so did I! We’ve felt like we were at a complete stand-still with this horrendous weather, so hearing that others have noticed the changes is pretty positive!

roofing over old roof

We should get our third estimate on replacing the roof today, and there’s a fourth roofer coming to measure and bid. No more roofing over old roof! It honestly cannot be done again.

roofing over old roof

Each one has been gentle with us, pointing out that our home has three layers of shingles to remove, and that they have no idea what will be found underneath them all. We just close our eyes and nod, and resist the urge to reach out and pat these guys on the back. I have this desire to kind of comfort them for having to deliver such a blow. I also have had the feeling that a few of them have been terrified at the prospect of roofing our house. An old house restoration is not for the faint of heart!

roofing over old roof

That’s 3 layers of shingles you’re looking at.

Come to think of it, anyone who has been here to bid on anything has looked a little bit afraid, unsure. Is it really that bad? When one long-time roofer came back with a bid of “I won’t be able to do your roof, I’m sorry”, we began to fear that we would have to raze the house and start over! We are facing the fact that an old house restoration is no small undertaking. (***Update and spoiler alert…the roof got replaced beautifully!)

old house restoration

Ok, yeah, maybe it is…

will it ever get done?

Have you had to hire a house repair contractor lately? I am always amazed to watch people in this field work, to see how things are made or repaired. I love to watch progress being made on anything; that really floats my boat. I shared with you how I ran from window to window watching the tree-removal guys, and how fascinated I was by the whole process.

But I get frustrated with these types of professionals, as well. Is it really that hard to show up when you say you will? Is it really that difficult to return a phone call? Is it really necessary to find 8,000,000,000 other things wrong with our home and property, things that weren’t even on our to-do list, and never focus on the thing I asked you to come out here for? Thank goodness for second opinions, and an abundance of contractors, roofers, builders, and tree-trimmers to choose from. I still have moments when I think we’ll never get this house fixed, but honestly, I don’t have a huge problem with it the way it is!

Then, I think about winter, our outrageous electric bill last month, and the fact that the TV shakes and dances when we walk through the living room, and I know in my heart that we have to fix it, all of it.  This old house deserves the TLC.  We deserve to not have to take out a mortgage to afford the utilities.  My girls should live in a house that doesn’t let anything leak in, or out.  And, most importantly, we all deserve to be warm in the winter.

And by gollies, at 41 years of age, I deserve to put on a bra that doesn’t feel like it’s been in the freezer all night! Just thinking about that makes this old house restoration seem worth it.

baby steps

Here is another dramatic ‘before and after’ shot, which I will leave you with. Mold be gone!

landscape spring clean up

Just look at that sweet sunshine!

And guess what’s next?

old house restoration

Coach has Pooh on paint patrol!

Happy Monday!

X,O,X,O,    Martie