Sound Off: Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! It was a great week for it, here in this Small Town Of Mine.  Last week was the dreaded standardized testing week, which is about as opposite from teacher appreciation as you can get!  After a week of teachers praying, hoping, and groveling for good scores (the pressure!), they now get one little ‘ol week to be celebrated!

How many teachers have influenced your life in some way?  I can think of so many….

Mrs. Paysinger, and the day she cried because she had to paddle me, and I was wearing a pageant dress (at school!!) and looked too pretty to be paddled!  I guess I shouldn’t have been running around the room in circles, then.

Mrs. B*****, who hated me for no apparent reason, and asked Mrs. Paysinger, publicly, to take me back. Mrs. Paysinger still loves me, and I see her in the salon weekly!

Mrs. Ingram, who laughed hysterically when I sat in her lap, crying, explaining that I was so afraid because my Brother Boo told me she was a witch.

Mrs. Hickman, one of the coolest teachers ever, one of the coolest people ever, who called us all “dumplin'”  and “loved my liver” through 5th and 8th grades, even though I was a little bit smart-mouthy.

Mr.  C., who definitely struggled to put up with my smart-mouthy-ness, but got me through it! He didn’t love me through pre-cal and physics, but I think he does now.  He calls me a hairy biscuit, most times.

Mr. Hollis and Mrs. White, who kept me straight, saw through my smart-mouthy-ness to my intelligence, fed that intelligence, and helped me grow.

Mr. Brewer, who showed me what generosity was, and what it meant to have compassion.  Man, was he a guy you could count on.

Mr. Trigg, who hosted the best field trip in school to the Big City, where he could tell you the architectural design of every building on every block of downtown. He wasn’t just a history teacher, but also a history buff.  What made him even cooler was that he knew us kids needed a reprieve from all that history, and let us also go to THE MALL!  He still teaches, but now it’s a Sunday School lesson at my church.  He is such a knowledgeable man, and also a happy man, who always has a smile and a kind word.

Auntie Anne, who has brought more culture into my life than anyone else, and taught at the college level for many years.  One of my favorite college visits was to Denison University, where I got to explore the library at great length, and sit in on one of Auntie Anne’s classes!

Mrs. Katrina, who taught my baby girl in pre-school, and left a lasting impression on her, and me, for being EXCELLENT in her field, and one of the best folks I’ve ever met. I pray for her so often.

Nearly every teacher my children have had the privilege of being taught by has been wonderful, honestly.

There are so many more, but none as important as the one with whom I live, pray, eat, sleep, and parent, and that is Coach.

Coach...the life of the pep rally!  Photo by Amy Roberts

Coach…the life of the pep rally! Photo by Amy Roberts

Coach is an exceptional educator.  No, he doesn’t have 15 degrees or teach honors classes, but he touches kids on a more personal level. He always has looked out for the underdog, and he always will.  He taught driver’s education until our county made some budget cuts and did away with the program.  He now teaches physical education, and voluntarily sponsors the Beta Club, because he enjoys working in small groups with smart kids.  He organizes a banquet each year for the academic top 10, dons a suit and tie, and takes us all to the meal and presentation of awards.

Coach breaks up fights on a weekly basis, and has to administer disciplinary action to kids whom he knows can do  better, be better, and he tells them so.  He spends his own money to keep the supplies he and his classes need to keep going, because he has to.  He does it all because it was what he was born to do, and because he loves it.  It’s stressful, and taxing, and exhausting, but he rarely complains.  Weekend excursions to town (Walmart, gas stations, etc.) always involve at least 3 or 4 “Hey Coach!”‘s from kids we see.  I’ve always loved it, and love seeing him interact with students and former students.

Coach coaching.

Coach coaching. Photo by Amy Roberts.

Do you have a special teacher in your life who deserves a shout-out?  Post it in the comments!  I’d love to hear your teacher stories, good or bad, funny or sad…just share!  If you have a blog post about it, share that!  I’d love to make this post a big ol’ celebration for teachers everywhere!

My very favorite teacher ever...Coach!

My very favorite teacher ever…Coach!

Here’s to you, all the fine educators of the world!  I hope you felt appreciated this week, and in case no one has told you, you’re doing a great job!

X,O,X,O,   Martie

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