Sound Off! Camp Make-ya-Mama-Cry

I’m a basket case.  I’ve never been this long without my Tigger, and it is literally killing me.  So, you had to listen to me whine about the same thing last week with Pooh….well, that was different.  You want to know why it was different?  Because Pooh could text and call.  We could hear from her.  We could hear her voice.  We could communicate with her easily.

This is not the case with Tigger’s 4-H camp.  We could write, but that means I don’t get to see her sweet face when she reads our letter, which just makes it worse (of course we sent one, though).  The camp officials keep posting pictures on Facebook, but not one of my child.  Not one.  Is she even there?  Did she sneak off the bus before it left and hide in the bushes at the school all week?  Did she dig a tunnel out of there and get lost trying to make it home?  I could text the camp leaders and ask these ridiculous questions, but I’m pretty sure they would have called had that been the case, right?  And, yes, I could text the camp leaders, but I just know they’ll tell her I did, and that she would start missing us and want to come home.

Or worse, she’s having so much fun it wouldn’t make her think twice about us.

Last night I told Coach that I was ready to get in the car, drive to the campgrounds, scale the walls if we have to, and steal our little Tigger back!  He calmed me down, rationalized with me, and then just listened to me cry for a while.  He also assured me that, while it is camp, it is not prison camp, and he doubted there were walls to scale.

I’m on the verge of a sho’ nuff breakdown, and thank God my baby comes home today.  Granted, I won’t see her for 5 hours after she gets home, but knowing it will be sometime today makes it alright.  I’m off to the salon for a short time this morning, then I’m heading out to a beautiful farm to apply makeup for seven members of a wedding party.  I know once I get into full swing, airbrushing and shading and blending, the time will pass quickly and I can get home to my baby girl.

Another wedding tomorrow, and then the weekend begins!  I’m going to hold Tigger, hug Tigger, pet on Tigger, and just worry the mess out of her until I finally get enough.

Actually, I’m probably going to watch her sleep.

X,O,X,O,   Martie