Rough House

Our house is listed with a realtor, and we have had a few lookers. Things seem to be moving along at a snail’s pace, but I trust in God’s timing. School has been back in session for a week, and we are back into a more normal routine. We hope to have some pretty weather for moving, but if the house sells in the dead of winter, I guess we’ll go with it.

Now that the whole story of our upcoming move has been shared, history and all, I hope I can entertain you with stories about our progress. I’m not going to lie; the old Big Creek house is in pretty rough shape. We have some issues that need to be dealt with immediately, including some floors that swing like a hammock when you walk across them.

The roof used to leak pretty badly over the master bedroom and dressing room. It’s been repaired for a while now, but the ceilings never were taken care of. See?roughhouse2

photo 4 (75)

There’s a neat sunroom on the old house, and it looked so pretty when they first had it done. Except, it leaks. It has actually leaked for years. The sheetrock below the windows was long ago replaced with plywood, which Madre painted to match the rest of the room. The carpet didn’t fare too well, either. See?roughhouse Plus, the double-paned glass wasn’t sealed well, so some of the windows look like this.roughhouse1 Not so pretty anymore. We hope to have a regular old wall, a regular old ceiling, and regular old windows in this room soon.

If you look carefully at this shot looking into the kitchen from the sunroom,photo 5 (30) you can tell that there isn’t a level spot in this old house. Everything slants in some direction. If you put a marble on the floor in the kitchen, it would roll all the way across the room under the stove. I know the floor has been replaced in my lifetime, because I remember well the day the floor gave away underneath me as I stood at the sink washing dishes. The sink kept getting higher and higher, and my little 10-year-old mind could not comprehend that I was getting lower, until I looked down. We won’t even talk about the time the toilet fell out from under my brother…

This is just a sampling of some of the issues that need attention. It doesn’t matter-we will enjoy every minute of our progress.  The old house is just worth it!   I will share more as our journey unfolds. We really can’t wait to get started. Hopefully, the house will be almost carpet-free by the end of the weekend, and then I can stay there longer without wheezing and scratching. Now if we could just convince the cat that he lives in the house out back now…cat