Remodeling Big Creek – There’s More!

Isn’t remodeling a joy?  At least we are getting awesome ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of our old country home.

Yep, we are remodeling Big Creek!  I have so much to share. First of all, check this out!  construction dumpster

That’s a far cry from the shiny, empty, cavernous dumpster I showed you before.  Remember?


That’s a lot of junk, ladies and gentlemen.  And, if I’m being honest, junk is truly all that’s left in that dumpster, because Coach went dumpster diving every day and salvaged tons of plywood, vinyl, and God knows what else.  He intends to build an amazing deer blind with his new scrap pile.

I showed off the new roof on Friday, and I’m still just blown away by its beauty…but that’s not all that has changed around here! I know you remember this post, and all my whining about our leaky sun room.  Here’s a little “before” photo gallery of the poor ol’ sun room:

All I can really say is, GROSS.  Leaky, rotty, cloudy, funky, GROSS.  This room used to be gorgeous, when it was brand new, maybe for about one year.  It has leaked and clouded and funked up this house ever since.  Before we ripped out the carpet, there was always a musky, mildewy smell in the house (sorry, Madre, but there was).  I know that room was the culprit, because wet carpet has a tendency to stink, don’t ya think?

This is where we are now.

Oh My WOW!  Not only is it already looking better, but even unfinished like this, we haven’t had a drop of water in this room.  I absolutely cannot wait to get it finished, so we can get some nice, cushy vinyl flooring (that looks like rocks or wood or whatever!) on top of that cold concrete, and I’m hoping for wooden blinds, as well. I’m going to have a large time re-vamping my craft room!  I sure hope Coach doesn’t have any silly ideas about me moving all that junk somewhere else….

This old country home is looking more modern every day.  I’ve had to carefully guard some very important original features of the house, like the exposed rafters around the front porch,

the poplar board siding underneath the front porch, the bridge abutments and old, knobby cedar posts. old front porch I couldn’t even imagine Big Creek without these things.  The sacrifices we made, like knocking down the chimney and adding the vinyl siding, are worth the cost (and the loss of ‘authenticity’) to be safe, dry, and warm.

I’ll be keeping you updated on our progress!  I’m glad I have you all to share this with, because I’m sure my gal-pals in the salon are sick of seeing me walk around with my laptop, showing off pictures of our improvements.  It just feels so good to revive this old house, and I can’t keep all the warm fuzzies to myself!

See you Wednesday!

X,O,X,O,  Martie