Rare Friday: Wired and Inspired!


I hate it when I get behind with the blog. I hate it that my old, rusty laptop won’t connect to the wifi at work anymore. I hate that I’m stupid enough to think I can fix it myself.  I hate having hours in my day go wasted, while my blog goes unread/unwritten for days. This tells me something big…this blog is important to me! Reading your blogs is important to me, too.  I’m a WordPress junkie, and I have to prioritize, and make sure I pay more attention to my own blog, as well!

Today is a rare Friday. I’m not going to the salon until 1:00, so I’m in my p.j.’s, sipping my coffee, taking time to utilize my wonderful satellite internet! I’m blogging, obviously, and I’ve been reading a lot this morning already. I love these posts:

Morning Sky with Birds -because it’s just beautiful!

Troublesome Sewing Terms Untangled:Stay Stitching Scrutinised -because it answers two questions for me, with a link to her last troublesome sewing terms post! 🙂 Thanks Haley Margaret!

Engaged  -because it’s such a wonderfully written piece about how getting engaged feels!

I’ll be reading some more later, but I had to tear myself away and work on the Biscuit!

Next, I’m tackling my Etsy shop. I’ve been doing a lot of research, and I think I can make some major improvements to my shop. Adding more listings is high on my priorities, but I have to get organized first. I want to make my shop the best it can be! Then I can focus on cutting, pressing, pinning, sewing, drawing, painting….man, I need to focus worse than I thought!

I also want to take some time to play around on PicMonkey! Does anyone use it for editing or watermarking? Or better yet, for making a banner for your Etsy shop? I’ve tried several different times, but my banner picture always winds up looking distorted. Click here to visit my shop and see my banner, pretty please?

See what I mean? That picture is of my favorite place on Earth! I want it to look clear and perfect. Help?

**Teaser alert!  There’s exciting news coming up on the blog very soon…so stay tuned!

Happy Friday!!