Put On Your New Years Makeup!

New Years Makeup

New Years makeup time is here…it’s almost New Year’s Eve!  Where ya going?  What’re you gonna be doing?  Who are you partying with?  You can assume that I’m attempting to live vicariously through you, because it’s true!  We haven’t partied for New Year’s Eve in the past several years now, and I want to know what the cool kids are doing!  I’ll be kicking it at home with my loves, watching the ball drop on TV then going to bed so I can catch the Criminal Minds marathon on New Year’s Day, between putting all the Christmas stuff away.  But you know what?  You’re young, you have plans and invitations…put on your New Year’s face and go live it up! I have some great makeup tips and goodies to share to give you some sparkle this New Year’s Eve! Shoot, I might even put on my New Years makeup…I’ll look pretty while I’m hanging out in my PJ’s!

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Try Airbrush!

My favorite makeup application when I was in the salon was airbrush makeup.  The look is so flawless, and you can’t even feel the makeup.  Lots of salons are offering airbrush makeup application these days, but you better call today and start begging because it is pretty last minute!  I’d also check on your salon’s social media pages or website and check out their work with airbrush…it’s a great way to make sure they are creating looks you can live with!  Going to the salon for your airbrush means you should be able to get flawless contouring, highlighting and coverage! Airbrush is the perfect New Years makeup, especially if you plan on getting trashed and sweating alot…this stuff will NOT come off!

I always used Temptu airbrush products (<—that’s a link to the system I had) when I was in the salon, and I loved them. The silicone based foundations are the bomb, and you can’t cry it off, sweat it off, dance it off, or drink it off!

new years makeup

Did you know that Temptu also has an airbrush system you can use at home? Yep, they sure do! It comes with little pods of makeup that you just attach to your machine. Just find your color and plug it in! And, you can find tons of videos on how to apply it on YouTube, trust me. Temptu gives great support, as well.

It takes practice and patience to master contouring and highlighting with airbrush, but you can buy pods for that, too, if you want to learn to recreate your salon makeup look at home. This system was Modern Salon’s top pick of new launches featured at the Makeup Show Chicago!  I will hit The Makeup Show one day…mark my words!

I still have my professional Temptu machine and makeups, and I love to airbrush myself just for fun sometimes.  Who says I can’t mist on a full face for New Year’s Eve while I’m hanging with my family in my PJ’s, right? Here’s me, all airbrushed up with a subtle winged eyeliner.

Martie airbrushed

Keep in mind: my face has been airbrushed, not the photo.  Yes, I have wrinkles under my eyes when I smile, I’m 41!  What did you expect? And in case you’re wondering, I curled my hair with this curling wand.

Do Lips That Last!

You need a great, stay-on lip color for New Year’s Eve!  After all, there may be some smooching involved! I have a personal favorite, and it’s the Avon Mattitude Liquid Lipstick.

It’s not one of those that you never have to reapply, but it’s so smooth and creamy, I don’t mind reapplying a few times. It dries to a powder finish!  If you line and fill your lips first with some great lip liner, the color will last longer, but you guys know I’m as dry as a buffalo chip, so I like to just wear the Mattitude Liquid Lipstick all by itself.

If you don’t mind wearing lipsticks that were made to last, Allure magazine compiled a list of the 10 best lip colors with staying power…I love that some of these are lip glosses, not all lipsticks!  There are some of my most-used brands in there, and I’m especially fond of the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. That link is for the shade “Rosa”, my fave, but there are several shades to choose from.

Avoid Shimmer on The Brow Bone!

I want you, at all costs, to avoid using shimmer eyeshadow on your brow bone. Why, you may ask?  Because you’ll look like something out of Star Trek in all of your pictures!  Shimmer shadows reflect light. You know it will be dark, and you know there will be selfies, and you know the flash is going to be popping here and there…so just don’t do it!  Glam up your look with some glitter eye makeup instead, like glitter eyeliner (behind a full set of black lashes), or maybe spray a little glitter in your hair!  I love shimmer as much as the next girl, but it definitely reflects light, and nobody wants her eyes looking like the back of a fireman’s jacket on New Year’s Eve!

You can pick up some great glitter eye makeup online, like this Glimmershadow. It comes in 14 different colors, which I love, including a glitter shadow and a Sateen finish. I like to put my glitter eyeliner over some black eyeliner to give the look more “oomph”; give it a try and see what you think!  These are pretty vivid, so you may not need to, but it’s just another way to glam up the glitter!

The Golden Rose Extreme Sparkly Eyeliner comes in 9 different colors (separately) and has great reviews, in case you just want to try one color and save a little cash. New Years makeup should shine and sparkle!


New Year Nails

Glitter nails is another way to glam up your New Year’s Eve look!  Your New Year nails must shine! Santa left some OPI Skyfall Collection in Living Daylights in my girls’ stockings this year, so we’re definitely planning to try them out for the pajama/movie festivities we have planned to ring in the new year! I’m also a huge fan of Essie nail polish, and I’m dying to try this Luxeffects Top Coat in A Cut Above. Doesn’t it look marvy? New Years makeup is not just about the face, you know.

new years makeup

Go Forth and Party!

Please, please do share with me what your New Year’s plans are!  I know I’ll see a lot of “the morning after” on Facebook, but I’d be thrilled if you’d comment here with your plans. I wish I could see everyone’s New Years makeup! I love this time of year, and I like to join in the excitement and festivities!  I’ll share some of my exciting plans with you that will take place in a couple of weeks:  Jimmie got tickets for Coach and me to go see Ron White live!  TATER SALAD HERE WE COME!!

See how easy it is to share?

Oh, and one more thing…don’t forget to go ahead and purchase yourself a nice face mask for the morning after, just to help your skin recover from the festivities and all the makeup! This nourishing sheet mask from TheFaceShop is a great one!

new years makeup mask

Happy, Prosperous New Year to all of my fabulous readers! I hope I’ve helped you create the perfect New Years makeup look, and I hope 2016 is filled with love, laughter, and lots of great makeup looks!

X,O,X,O,   Martie