Post #1, A New Beginning

Hello, and welcome! This is my first post on “Is That A Hair In My Biscuit?” So, when you’ve been following me for a few years you’ll know you were there from the beginning. I find a lot of blogs that I know I’ve been missing out on, and I always think it’s neat to witness a beginning of anything. I hope you do, too!

Ok, Introductions. I’m Martie, and I live in the Deep South with my husband, Coach, and my two daughters, Pooh and Tigger. I am a hairdresser/makeup artist by trade, but I have a ton of hobbies. Here, you will find posts on hair, makeup, beauty in general, crafting, and pretty much whatever I feel like sharing.

Today is my day off, MONDAY!!! That makes me excited! I am also off on Saturday and Sunday, but on Mondays I have the house to myself. Monday is “3 C’s day“….clean, cook, and craft! I suppose now I will have to make it “3 C’s and a B” day, because I hope to post something every Monday.

This morning, I waved off Daddy-O and Jiji (my Dad and stepMom) as they pulled away and began their journey back to Sunny Florida. They left around 8:30. I hated to see them go; we don’t get to spend enough time together. They arrived on Friday, and we ate like kings all weekend in between shopping, Church, and haircuts for both. It was a wonderful weekend, and my heart gets all fuzzy when I look around the house at the evidence of their stay….

The extra chairs at the table,


the neatly made bed,


and the salt all over my greasy stove


are all signs of their wonderful visit.  We love Daddy-O and Jiji very much!

I have spent the morning straightening up, cleaning, and getting myself organized for the busy week ahead. Coach is a coach, if you can believe it, and soccer season is in full-swing. He teaches Phys-Ed and does this coaching gig at the High School In Our County. The team has three games this week, so Pooh and Tigger will be kicking it with me at the salon in the afternoons, and there won’t be much time for crafting when we get home, what with homework, baths and such. So, I also squeezed in time today for some fun projects that I have been working on. I really wanted to finish these today, and I’m tickled pink over how they turned out.

This cool storage box is divided; I think it would be cute to hold rolled-up wash cloths.

photo (7)photo (1)

This  trinket box is embellished with some fun polymer clay pieces that I made. I love the little jute twine lasso!

photo (5)

photo (2)

Nah, I didn’t make that bow. It was on a hair barrette that the girls used to wear. I re-use a LOT of stuff. Why not?  Speaking of, does anyone else love Velveeta?

photo (4)

Maybe my photography will improve as I go along.  These are some crooked pictures, ladies and gentlemen.

I didn’t include tutorials, because I think it’s pretty clear that boxes, paper, Mod Podge and glue were used. Maybe it will give one of you fellow crafters inspiration for a project!

My second goal for today is to finally load some things into my Etsy shop. I’ll definitely provide a link to that if I get-er-dun.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you will subscribe to my sweet little domain, and visit again soon! I have lots to explain, including the reason behind the name of “this here blog” as my sister, Jimmie always says. If I give it all away now, you may not come back!