Papa’s Trees

Papa didn’t much care for cutting down trees. He certainly was no “tree-hugging liberal”, to quote him directly, but he was always in favor of saving trees.

Here is one right beside the driveway; it grew there voluntarily and he wanted to save it. Why? It’s mere feet from asphalt, and will soon be only inches from the mock apple tree on its right.

Then, there’s our Christmas tree from 1987. Yep, that once fit in our living room.

Here’s an amazing Sycamore tree. Its mighty limb came crashing down on Madre’s kitchen last year, remember? Couldn’t it have been planted just a few feet further from the house? Maybe he could have had it topped, once or twice?

Last, but certainly not least, is the old oak tree that Papa built his shop around.

Case closed. Papa was no liberal, but I might call him a tree hugger.
Papa, please don’t request a lightening strike here on the old sycamore…

X,O,X,O,  Martie