Papa’s Rock Terrace

I know I’ve shown off Papa’s rock terrace before in this post (beware of sideways pictures again),  but I don’t think I’ve ever shared the story behind it. It was amazing, really, and probably the most needed improvement Big Creek ever had, and one of the most beautiful examples of stone masonry anywhere.

The rock terrace

Before the Rock Terrace

before rock terrace


The back door actually opens to the North side of the house.  Back in the day, when Papa and Madre did some remodeling, that side was just a bare spot of ground that sloped downhill, causing mudslides when it rained.

before rock terrace 1

No grass would grow there because of all the shade and heavy foot traffic to and from the shops.

before rock terrace 2

During the Construction

Papa decided he was sick of slipping and sliding to his shop every day, and he also knew that Madre loved to plant flowers and have a beautiful landscape.  He was always doing things to improve the house for Madre, even though she would have happily lived here with him it its original state.  He decided to put his stone masonry skills to work, and began construction on the rock terrace one summer.  rock terrace constructionHe couldn’t possibly complete it all in one go, and it actually took a couple of years to get the whole thing completed.  The tenant of the old cabin was (and still is) an artisan like Papa, and he constructed a beautiful copper fountain as a gift to Madre.  Papa incorporated the fountain into his amazing rock work.

rock terrace construction 1

Madre getting her squats in.


The Rock Terrace

Rock Terrace today

Here’s a little peek of what the rock terrace looks like today.  We haven’t completed all of our planting yet, but you can click that link in the first paragraph to see how it looked last year, all flowered up and mulched.

rock terrace copper fountain

rock terrace today

rock terrace today 1

It’s absolutely beautiful.  Not only that, but Papa made sure to memorialize his hard work, and dedicated the whole project to his parents. He inset this gorgeous plaque, which is probably my favorite feature.

rock terrace plaque

Madre still works her tail off making this beautiful every year after the winter has taken its toll on the landscape.  Coach is now her partner, and he has helped keep it gorgeous by blowing off leaves, helping plant, and patching places that have come loose or crumbled.  This handmade rock terrace is one of Papa’s greatest achievements in my book, although the list of his creative achievements is longer than both of my arms put together.

We’re so blessed that God lets us borrow this little piece of land to call home, and beyond blessed to have had Papa to make it the beautiful sanctuary that it is.  Thank You, Lord.

X,O,X,O,   Martie

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