My Favorite Beauty-Inspired Christmas Gifts

I have to share with you a couple more of my favorite Christmas gifts.  I have some people in my life who just know me, and I’m seriously spoiled sometimes.  I hope you all have friends and family as awesome as mine!

First of all, remember this?

I highly recommend: 1) Mary Kay makeup brushes. A set is somewhere in the neighborhood of $45, and if the brushes are properly cared for, they will last a long time. Every brush you need is included in the set, and it has a little roll-up pouch…well, mine did, 10 years ago when I bought them.  They’re so bad, I won’t even show them to you.  I haven’t been very good to them.”

It shouldn’t shock me, not in the least, that my Mary Kay Friend would do this, but look what she got me for Christmas?photo 4 (33)

photo 1 (59)

photo 2 (56)

Melanie Mayo is one of the sweetest, most giving people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I’m so blessed to call her my friend. I don’t usually call names, but I am making an exception. She doesn’t yet have a Mary Kay online store, but may in the future. Melanie, you can count on my help to boost your business! Thank you! Local folks, Melanie is the Mary Kay rep for you, I promise!

So,  you’ve seen the sweet, new set.  I love the new brushes so much, and I’m going to show you what she replaced. photo 3 (52)Aren’t they nasty?

photo 1 (58) I’m so excited to have an eyebrow brush again!

photo 2 (55)

These are perfect for anyone who wears makeup. Everything you need is here to cover the basics, and it couldn’t be more handy.

photo 1 (60)

photo 3 (53)

What a great bag!photo 2 (57)

The inner bag is removable! Velcro rocks.

The inner bag is removable! Velcro rocks.

Jimmie really came through for me, as well. She knows how much I love Clinique Bonus Time, so she found one at Macy’s, bought me some Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, and got me the Bonus!


Check out all this great stuff! I am crazy about that Chubby Stick lip gloss, by the way. It feels great, and just adds a hint of color.

Jimmie once brought me a Clinique Bonus when I was in the hospital after a little surgery. I called a nurse in my room at 3 a.m. to go through it with me, because it’s more fun with someone else. She was excited that I did, and I gave her a mascara. I wish I could remember her name…morphine, it does a brain no good.

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Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your hump-day rocks!