Music Is Healing Therapy

Music Is Healing Therapy

It’s true…music is healing therapy. Getting lost in a song can melt your cares away, and transport you to another place and time. I get carried away in music all the time, and I just had to write about it.


This is not my artwork...and I don't know who to credit for it. It's on the cover of a spiral notebook.

This is not my artwork…and I don’t know who to credit for it. It’s on the cover of a spiral notebook.

Music does things for me that nothing else can.  It can take me to different head space, calm my anxieties, lift my spirits, and relieve my fears. If you don’t believe that music is healing therapy, then sit down and put on your favorite song next time you feel out of sorts. You’ll be amazed.

The prelude at church each Sunday opens my heart for worship.  That piece of music is such an important part of my time there, and I can’t wait each week to see what piece she’ll play (‘she’ is our church pianist, and my good friend.  We’ll call her “Jam-It”.)  Any special music we have at church is wonderful to me: yesterday we had a saxaphone-playing Dad and three of his beautiful children singing with him.

Musical Family Tree

Listening to my daughter, Pooh, play her trumpet, or plunk out self-taught tunes on her keyboard, fills me with beaming pride. Likewise, when Tigger plays her flute, or sings at the top of her lungs to every song on the Frozen soundtrack, I’m filled with joy.  I know they’ve caught the music bug, and are just more branches on our musical family tree.

music is healing therapy

Both of my brothers, Brother Bear and Brother Boo, are also believers that music is healing therapy, and are both extremely talented. Brother Bear doesn’t play as much as he used to, but both have played professionally in the past. I love to jam with my brothers. It’s the best feeling of connection that I can have with them!

You should have felt the love in my heart when Brother Bear asked me to play at his wedding! GAH! I almost didn’t make it through.

music is healing therapy

My Grandmother played piano. Madre learned to pick a mandolin at the age of 60, and far surpassed my music knowledge. Daddy-O plays trumpet, Mandolin and guitar. I really do come from a long line of musical people!

The healing touch of music

Stretching my fingers around the neck of my guitar and strumming that first chord relaxes me immediately.

"Artsy-fartsy", out-of-focus shot of me playing on the front porch at Big Creek.


Playing music for others brings me joy (and jitters!), especially at church.  Really rocking out gets my blood flowing and gives me a charge like nothing else…especially when I have a receptive crowd (receptive=human, as I usually only play for my dogs and various wildlife in the woods behind my house).

Singing at the top of my lungs along with Brandi Carlile in TheMiniVanWithAPlan on my short drive home from work relieves the stress of my day, and prepares me for “second shift” at home….supper, homework, driving back and forth to meetings and practices, etc.

Listening to >this< song makes me think of Papa, and wish he could hear me belt it out with my mediocre guitar strumming as accompaniment, on the front porch of Big Creek.

Also on the porch at Big Creek.

He would say, “You sound so good, Marfie-Darlin’!”

Music is my addiction.  What’s yours?

X,O,X,O  Martie