The Most Beautiful Hike In The World

The Most Beautiful Hike In The World

I went on the most beautiful hike in the world a couple of weeks ago, and never left my property. Hiking middle Tennessee is a gorgeous, wonderful experience, and I hope you all get the chance to see it for yourselves sometime soon. I thought I’d share some awesome late winter pictures from our hike, just in case you don’t get to have the experience for yourself. You probably can’t hike where I’m showing you today, but there are tons of amazingly beautiful Tennessee hiking trails to experience.

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Am I biased in calling this the most beautiful hike in the world? Probably. I’m also not an avid traveler or hiker, so I’m sure I’ll get some arguments about what qualifies as the “most beautiful”, but I love where I live and I’m not likely to change my opinion any time soon. If anyone would like to send me on an all-expenses-paid trip to hike somewhere beautiful, I’m open to that!

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Hiking In The Outdoors

When I say I’m not an avid hiker, it’s true. However, hiking around on my own property is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I consider an avid hiker someone who seeks out and finds the best trails ever, and spends a good majority of every weekend hoofing it through those trails. That ain’t me. I do believe health and walking go hand in hand, and I love to walk…on these old country roads I live among, or through the woods (see the post “Walk With Me” for another of my favorite places to move around).

most beautiful hike in the world

Hiking in the outdoors is a gift from God, no doubt. I adore being able to walk out my back door and head into the woods, and can spend hours out there enjoying nature and God’s awesome creations. It definitely relaxes me and brings me peace. How could it not? Just look at this fantastic landscape.

Hiking Hikers Hiking

hiking hikers hiking

That’s my sweet family blazing the trail. This old road was once a county road, and now it’s closed to the public and made for walking. Every time we set out down this road, I’m amazed by what I see, no matter what the time of year. This trip we followed it all the way to the end, which required a few rock bridges and trips through the branches of Big Creek.

hiking in the outdoors

Yes, the pooches came along. They love to walk with us, whether it’s through the woods or on the road. My two get so excited when Madre and I step outside in our walking gear that they actually whine and yelp and talk to us for at least the first 200 feet. It’s so adorable.

So, these are some of my favorite hiking hikers hiking. My whole family loves this as much as I do. We can’t get enough, and thankfully we never take our surroundings for granted.

You See?

Now do you see why I consider this the most beautiful hike in the world? It truly is. Looking at these late winter photos, which are gorgeous themselves, only makes me dream and look ahead to how fantastic all of this will be in just a few more months. The best part of hiking in late winter is, of course, the temperatures. This was actually a February day, and believe it or not, I got rather toasty. It’ll be almost unbearable in July, but even then, the shady parts are lovely. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

most beautiful hike in the world

Just look at this amazing road!  I don’t even think it’s on any maps anymore, but it used to be. It’s been years since I’ve been all the way to the end, but this was the perfect day for it. This spot will even be nice in summer, because it’s so shady then. 

Tennessee Hiking Trails

Peep the sparkling branch, and the absolute abundance of rocks that sit in it’s floor. Yeah, I dig rocks. They’re just so cool, ya know? Shiny, solid, unique pieces of the Earth that remind me of the solidity of Christ and the gifts that only He can give.

Winter Hiking Gear List

Although this day was unusually warm, going on this little excursion made me realize that I needed to make a winter hiking gear list for myself. I don’t want to reserve plodding around on the property for only pretty, warm days. I know I’m going to need some boots, and I have my eye on these Keen winter hiking boots on Amazon.

This winter hiking jacket would be amazing! It has lots of pockets, and it’s marked down from $100 to $34.25. I also would love to have a new hoodie or two, because the girls have stolen all of mine. I’m crazy about this funnel neck hoodie on Amazon, and it’s on sale for just $18.00! (To see pics of these items, scroll to the bottom).

winter hiking gear checklist

While I’m shopping, I might as well get some new creek shoes…once the weather turns warm we can just splash right through the branches without having to build a rock bridge as we go. I seem to be drawn to Keen brand (I have a pair of Keen sandals that are the most comfy things on the planet, but they’re not waterproof), because these Keen waterproof sandals are my pick.

Hiking Middle Tennessee

Thanks for joining us on our trek through the woods. I hope you enjoyed these late winter photos and the gorgeous views of the most beautiful hike in the world.

late winter pictures

Also, it’s great to be back! I don’t think I could have chosen a better topic for my first blog post of 2017.

Happy Hiking!

X,O,X,O,   Martie